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Visiting Dentist Non-Degree Program

The Visiting Dentist Program in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry is a non-degree full time program (40 hrs/week) for dental professionals from around the world who wish to broaden their knowledge of pediatric dentistry through participation in the Department’s didactic, clinical and research activities. The clinical activities are observational in nature; no hands-on experience with patients is offered. The program varies from 1 week to 6 months in length, determined by the availability of both the applicant and the Department of Pediatric Dentistry. Applications are open year-round.

Program Description

Students will enjoy a rich and unique cultural environment due to the diverse population the Department of Pediatric Dentistry serves and the different backgrounds of the faculty, residents and dental students. They will be able to interact on a daily basis with a renowned pediatric dental faculty and to participate in the educational activities being offered at the time of the visit in the certificate program in pediatric dentistry (graduate level). Lectures, seminars, case presentations and discussions focus on review of classic and contemporary articles, clinical care options, preventive strategies and research related to oral health for children and adolescents with and without special health care needs. Students will be able to put into practice what they have learned in the classroom by interacting with faculty and residents in the clinic, as they observe delivery of dental care to pediatric patients every day. Students are expected to attend and participate full-time in the courses and in the clinic, including presentations and course examinations. They will not be able to audit Master’s degree level classes, only Certificate courses offered by the Department, which vary by semester and by year.

* Child Development
* Orthodontics
* Principles and Methods of Dental Research
* Dental Practice in the US-cultural differences
* Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

* Orthodontics
* Principles and Methods of Dental Research
* Behavior Management
* Pulp Therapy
* Contemporary Issues in Pediatric Dentistry
* Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

* Advocacy in Pediatric Dentistry
* Dental and Oral Care for the Medically Compromised Pediatric Patient
* Dental Practice Management
* Journal Club
* Dental and Orofacial Trauma
* Infant Oral Health and Prevention
* Pediatric Dentistry Clinic

Observation of clinical care of patients, which is directly related to the topics covered in the coursework, will be done in the newly renovated, state-of-the-art graduate clinic. Clinical care may include the use of nitrous oxide, conscious sedation, and general anesthesia. In addition to observing the pediatric dental faculty and students, students may also have the opportunity to interact with other dental specialists who participate actively in the delivery of care to our patients.


1. To acquire fundamental knowledge and skills in pediatric dentistry through didactic instruction followed by observation of laboratory and clinical procedures in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

2. To familiarize the foreign-trained dentist with the rigor of an advanced non-degree CE certificate program in Pediatric Dentistry.

Admission to and participation in this program do not guarantee acceptance into Graduate Degree Program in Pediatric Dentistry.

Program Fee and Other Expenses

In addition to the program fee (see table below), students are responsible for housing, food, and medical/dental insurance fees as well as for visa, travel and personal expenses. Neither the College of Dentistry nor the Department of Pediatric Dentistry will assist participants with travel or living expenses, or help secure outside funding. For visa purposes, students must be able to show that they can meet the minimum support requirements for themselves and their dependents.

$6,000/1 month
$20,000/three months
$35,000/six months
After notification of acceptance into the program, fifty percent (50%) of the non-refundable rate is required within seven (7) days. The remaining balance is due on the first day of observation. Checks should be made payable to UIC Pediatric Dentistry.

Application and Selection Process

Download Application Form

Applicants must have a working knowledge of English.

Together with the application, applicants are required to submit the following:

1. Curriculum Vitae
2. Statement of Purpose
3. Two (2) letters of recommendation as described in the application form
4. Copy of current dental license in the state or country of their residence
5. Transcript sealed and sent directly from your dental school or university
6. Copy of your dental degree/diploma
7. Completed medical immunization form

After the application materials have been reviewed by the selection committee, a phone interview with the Program Director and/or Department Chair will be required before admittance. A certified translation must be submitted for all letters and documents that are not in English. Students will not be allowed in the program until all documents have been received and verified.

We regret that not all applicants can be accepted into the program.

Participants’ Evaluation

The participants’ performance in this program will be evaluated in the end of their time in the program with the same criteria used for our graduate students.

Benefits and Responsibilities

* Faculty Interactions: Discuss areas of common interest in education and research with Pediatric Dentistry faculty, residents, dental students, and faculty in other departments.

* Office Space: A work station may be available in the residents’ room (shared-office).

* Computer Access: Computer access is available in the residents’ room; however, students may be required to use their own computers.

* Didactic Courses: Students are expected to attend lecture courses, journal club, and seminars in the Department of Pediatric Dentistry.

* Observing Clinics: Students will observe activities in the graduate clinic and operating room. They must be accompanied at all times by a faculty member and wear ID and the proper clinical attire (medical scrubs or professional attire). Students will be provided with a disposable coat that is to be worn in the clinic only. They must meet all federal and state compliance guidelines (training, immunizations, etc.) prior to observations in any setting.

* Research: All students are expected to attend research seminars in the Department. There may be an opportunity to participate in research done in the Department, if it does not involve direct patient contact. Data relating to research done at in the Department is property of the University and may not be used elsewhere without authorization. All publications resulting from participation in the program must be approved by the principal investigator or faculty mentor, and published according to prevailing ethical and professional standards.

* Other: Students will be responsible for all costs associated with attendance of any regional, national or international conferences (registration, travel, meals, etc.).

* Parking: There is no free parking at the College of Dentistry, which is easy to access on public transportation.

Responsibilities and Limitations

* Living Arrangements: Students are responsible for all housing, transportation, and personal costs during this experience. They must make their own living and transportation arrangements. The department may be able to guide the applicant to various resources but will not be responsible for those arrangements.

* Employment in the Department: Participation in the program does not warrant any employment opportunities.

* Acceptance into the Graduate Program: Participation in this program does not guarantee acceptance into the graduate degree program in pediatric dentistry.

* Patient Treatment: Students may not participate in any direct clinical care while in the Department.

* Professional Behavior: Students are expected to conduct themselves within all standards of ethical and professional behavior while at the University. Professional attire is required at all times.

* Health Insurance: Students are expected to have health insurance coverage while they are at the University.

* HIPAA training: The US government requires compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 for anyone associated with delivery of care. Even though students will not be allowed to provide care, they will still be required to complete the online College of Dentistry HIPAA training prior to start the program.

Cancellation Policy

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry reserves the right to cancel the program for any individual without cause and restrict the number of individuals enrolled in the program. An applicant can cancel participation up until before notification of acceptance into the program. Once accepted into the program, fees are non-refundable.

Contact Information

Please submit inquiries and all required documents and application to (use electronic mail if possible):

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry
Attn: Dr. David Avenetti, DDS, MSD, MPH
Head, Department of Pediatric Dentistry
801 South Paulina Street, 252 DENT MC 850
Chicago, IL 60612
Fax: (312) 996-1638


Contact and Apply Heading link

Download Application Form

For more information:

Jean O’Finn
Program Coordinator
UIC College of Dentistry Department of Pediatric Dentistry (MC 850)
801 South Paulina Street, Room 256
Chicago, IL 60612-7211
(312) 996-7531