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Monkeypox spots

2022 Monkeypox Outbreak

The 2022 Monkeypox outbreak has caused concern across the world with global cases hitting over 55,000 and US cases over 20,000 as of August 2022. The monkeypox virus (MPV) has been known about…


Importance of Flossing

When developing your oral hygiene regimen, it is important to include flossing once a day in order to decrease the likelihood of cavities and gum disease.

Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Causes, Risk Factors, Symptoms and treatment.

April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

April is oral cancer awareness month and serves as a reminder of the importance of routine oral cancer screenings in order to increase the likelihood of early detection and chances of long term survival.

black bottle of cannabis tincture in front of three marijuana leaves

Cannabis and Its Impact on Oral Health

The use of cannabis for purposes other than recreational ones has become more common in recent years, emerging as a medicinal treatment to relieve pain, anxiety, and depression among others.

person holding a red ribbon for HIV awareness

How Does HIV Affect the Mouth?

While it is understood that human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) attacks the immune system, the virus can severely impact every part of the body and increase the risk for developing oral health problems.

woman holding an ice pack to her cheek

Understanding TMJ Disorders/TMD

Roughly 10 million people in the United States suffer from at least one TMJ disorder. There are multiple factors that can cause TMD such as stress, trauma, clenching or grinding habits, chewing hard foods.

mold of teeth with yellow braces brackets on them

Teens and Orthodontics – What Are Your Options?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends children should receive an orthodontic consultation at the age of 7. Now with multiple options for orthodontic treatment, it can feel overwhelming to find the best treatment for your teen.