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FOREFRONT is a limited video series spotlighting UIC College of Dentistry researchers who are on the forefront of scientific discoveries in immunology, AI, wound healing, biomaterials and more.

The college invites you to join us for this groundbreaking video series featuring five of our most accomplished researchers: Drs. Luisa DiPietroSriram RavindranSath AllareddyAfsar Naqvi and Ana Bedran-Russo. They will explore a diverse range of topics aiming to captivate audiences across various academic and research backgrounds.

At the UIC College of Dentistry, we drive innovation and solutions through science. This video series showcases our commitment to advancing overall health and the inspirational ways our researcher are trying to solve big health problems. Our research cultivates critical thinking, fosters creativity and teamwork, and brings prestige and recognition to UIC.

Ana Bedran-Russo, DDS, MS, PhD  |  Associate Dean for Research

Perfect Wound Healing: Lessons from the Mouth Heading link

In the premiere episode, Dr. Luisa DiPietro shares her important insights on wound healing in her presentation titled “Perfect Wound Healing: Lessons from the Mouth.

Watch the promotional video on FOREFRONT: Science Discoveries Advancing Health.

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