Participate in Clinical Research

The Clinical Research Center

student participating in clinical training with a model

The clinical research center is a state-of-the-art clinic designed with participant comfort and safety in mind. A full-time clinical study coordinator oversees patient recruitment and enrollment, institutional human subjects review board approval of all studies, and communication with sponsors and authorities. Our studies include both observational and interventional studies ranging from oral health to wound healing to dental implants to dentures.

Ongoing Clinical Studies

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Ongoing clinical studies:

  • Acuris
  • LaserLok
  • Digital Denture
  • Colgate wound healing
  • GVHD and oral health

Becoming a Research Study Participant

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For individuals who wish to learn more about our clinical studies or wish to consider enrollment as a participant in one of our studies, please contact our clinical research coordinator: 312-996-7226.