College Facts

Collage of dentistry students, faculty and patients

Changing the Future of Oral Health

For over 100 years, UIC College of Dentistry has been a premier institution of oral health education, care and research.

We are Illinois' largest dental school.

over 430 students enrolled and graduating-125 new DMDs and-100 post-graduates each year

We graduate more new dental professionals than any other institution in the State of IL ~125 DMD students and ~100 post-graduate students each year. We have over 430 students seeking dental degrees including DMD, PhD and MS programs. Almost all (96%) of our students are Illinois residents and roughly 75% go on to practice in IL, mostly in the Chicago metro area. 

Our students and faculty are top achievers. Our students have achieved a 100% pass rate on national board exams the past 3 years, and perform significantly higher than national average on the basic science and clinical science exams – top 20% and 8% respectively. Many of our 100 full-time and 121 part-time faculty have received national recognition for their expertise in the areas of general and specialty dentistry and the oral sciences. Forty-two (42) of our faculty are actively involved in research.

  • 125 DMD Graduates Annually

  • 100 Post Graduates Annually

UIC is a top oral science research institution.

Two researchers at computer

UIC is a Carnegie level-1 research institution, and the College has a research portfolio of 42 full-time research faculty, 14 visiting researchers, 280+ faculty published papers, and $6.4M in NIH/DOD funding, as well as other private funding.

Over half of our faculty are engaged in scholarly and research publications. The College is one of only 15 out of 70 institutions with DMD/PhD or PhD training grants from the NIDCR.

  • 6.4M NIH/DOD funding

  • 300+ Faculty Published Papers

  • 42 Full-Time Research Faculty

We are Illinois' largest provider of dental care.

around 530 faculty, students and specialty program residents providing care to 30+ thousand patients in 120+ thousand visits each years

We see over 35 thousand patients and perform over 300 thousand treatments annually.  We have over 530 faculty, students and specialty program residents providing clinical care. We have 286 faculty and resident general and specialist dentists providing care, many of which are board certified.

We improve access to dental care where it is needed the most.
UIC provides more than 70 thousand appointments annually to patients enrolled in the State Dental Medicaid program. Ninety-eight percent of the children treated in UIC’s dental clinics are Medicaid enrolled or Medicaid eligible.

Additionally, we extend access to care into communities of need — UIC dental students serve over 3,750 days of extramural rotation in more than 11 thousand patient visits at 17 community sites in IL, plus other US and international locations– each year.  And, our students provide preventive education to over 2,200 elementary students each year in underserved Chicago neighborhoods.

  • 35K+ Patients Annually

  • 300K+ Treatments Annually

  • 25 Faculty Dentists