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Resilience & Mental Health Corner

Resilience & Mental Health Corner

What is Resilience? 


Resilience is our ability to adapt during times of stress or change. It’s normal to have times in our lives that are very stressful. Resilience skills can help us cope during difficult times, and can help us develop a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in many aspects of our lives—including work, school, and relationships.

In order to develop resilience we need to take good care of our physical and mental health, and find creative ways to cope with challenging situations.


What's new in Resilience? 

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What Resources are Available? Campus, Community, and Beyond Heading link

Campus Resources to Support Resilience

Community Resources to Support Resilience

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Apps Heading link

  • Headspace

    To reduce anxiety and learn mediation. Click here

  • MoodKit

    To reduce anxiety, depression and anger. Click here

  • COVID Coach

    To support mental health during the pandemic. Click here

  • Calm

    For meditation and sleep. Click here

  • MoodFit

    To monitor your mood, set goals, and practice gratitude. Click here

  • Happify

    To increase positive emotions. Click here

  • Mindfulness Coach

    To practice mindfulness. Click here

  • Insomnia Coach

    To help manage insomnia. Click here

  • PTSD Coach

    To manage symptoms that occur after trauma. Click here