Comprehensive, personalized dental care for general and specialty needs - all in one location

Comprehensive Care

Dental care from students with faculty supervision
Our student dentists provide care under faculty supervision at a discounted price in exchange for an extra investment of your time to support education. Services range from routine dental procedures, such as exams and fillings, to more complex procedures, such as root canals and restorations. 

Specialty Care

Advanced specialties for all needs 
Need a specialist? We offer specialty care in Endodontics, Oral Medicine, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. Our specialists work with you to develop a treatment plan that matches your needs.

Faculty Care

See a faculty dentist 
For over 30 years, our highly trained faculty have provided general and specialty dental care. Many are specialists with board certification or board eligibility. Fees are comparable to private dentists in the area.


The University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) College of Dentistry offers the widest range of general and specialty dental care services in Chicago – all in one place. We have over 280 faculty and residents in general and advanced specialty clinics including Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. We also have 40+ researchers advancing scientific knowledge to improve oral health outcomes in Chicagoland and across the world. 

We are dedicated to educating and helping patients adopt healthy oral hygiene habits and make the best decisions to improve their oral health. We do this by taking the time to develop a strong relationship with each of our patients -- this is why patients choose UIC

For new appointments call (312) 996-7555 or contact a specific service/clinic area.

Location, hours and what to bring to appointments


Why Patients Choose UIC

Patients choose UIC not only for our comprehensive, specialized expertise conveniently located all in one place - but also because they appreciate the friendly, personalized and caring approach we provide in serving our mission.

  • A choice of care from students, specialists-in-training or faculty
  • Highest standards of care provided by dental students under the supervision of faculty
  • Wide range of dental services for adults and children 
  • Discounted rates compared to area dentists
  • We work with insurance providers including Cigna and Delta Dental 
  • Multicultural clinical team who speak numerous languages to accommodate patients of diverse backgrounds
  • Convenient location next to CTA, bus lines and parking


What to Expect as a New Patient

patient-student65g.JPGAll new patients receive a comprehensive oral health examination where you and your dentist decide the best treatment options.

Your first visit is a screening appointment, where we will assess your overall oral health care needs and determine whether our Comprehensive Dentistry or Advanced Specialty care options best match your needs. You may also choose to see a faculty member for your dental care. As an educational institution, appointments can take longer than a typical dental visit.

If you choose to see a student dentist, they will call you to schedule an initial evaluation, after which we will prepare a comprehensive treatment plan for your review and acceptance prior to beginning treatment. The initial evaluation and planning usually takes 2 to 3 visits and may require taking additional x-rays. Once your treatment plan is accepted, the student dentist will schedule your next visits, which typically take 1 to 2 hours.

We are committed to providing safe and effective oral health care in an environment that is compassionate and comfortable in service to our patients. 
Patient rights and privacy
Notice of non-discrimination

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Are you a current patient?
If you are currently being treated, please contact your student dentist for appointments. If you cannot reach your student, please call 312.996.7555.


Changing the Future of Oral Health

about-main-campus-skyline13c.jpgOur mission is simple: to change the future of oral health in Chicago and beyond.  We do this by educating the next generation of oral health professionals, improving access to dental care and advancing scientific knowledge through groundbreaking research.

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is Illinois’ largest dentistry school and oral health care provider.  We provide comprehensive, personalized treatment to over 20 thousand patients each year - with the choice of care provided by students, residents or faculty. Located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District UIC Campus, we serve Chicago and beyond with world-class dental care.  

The UIC College of Dentistry has a 100+ year tradition of excellence in training oral health professionals and treating patients. Since 1913, our clinicians have provided quality dental care to the Chicagoland area and expanded access to care to those in need. We offer general as well as specialized dental services including Endodontics, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Our facilities feature state-of-the-art technology and modern clinics for comfort. Our faculty are experts in their respective specialty fields, many of which conduct basic and translational research in multiple areas of biomedical and oral sciences.


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Our Location

Easy access from I-290, CTA Pink Line & Buses

The UIC College of Dentistry is conveniently located  just 2 blocks south of I-290 with easy access to the CTA Pink line. Visitor parking is available in the Paulina Street parking garage south of the building at Taylor St. The number 7 Harrison bus, the number 9 Ashland bus, the number 12 Roosevelt bus all stop nearby, and the number 157 Streeterville/Taylor bus stop right at the Pink Line station.

801 South Paulina Street
Chicago, IL 60612


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