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Services Covered in Teledentistry

Services Covered in Teledentistry

Our expert orthodontists move more than just teeth.

What is Teledentistry? Heading link

Teledentistry provides the means for a patient to receive services when the patient is in one physical location and the dentist or other oral health or general health care practitioner overseeing the delivery of those services is in another location. This mode of patient care makes use of telecommunication technologies to convey health information and facilitate the delivery of dental services without the physical constraints of a brick and mortar dental office.

What services are covered under Teledentistry in Orthodontics Clinic? Heading link

Do I need to pay for Teledentistry services? Heading link

Teledentistry services are generally covered as a part of your Dental Insurance. Please check with your Dental Insurance Company if the Teledentistry services are covered. In most cases, there are limits to number of Teledentistry appointments you can have in a plan year. Please check with your Dental Insurance Company if there are any limits to number of Teledentistry appointments. In case, you max out number of Teledentistry visits in a year, you might have to pay from your pocket for additional appointments in that plan year.

How do I schedule an appointment (for existing patients only)? Heading link

  1. Schedule an appointment 
  2. Once you schedule a Teledentistry appointment, you will have to sign the consent form.

Consent Form   English   |   Spanish

What do I need before the Teledentistry appointment? Heading link