Changing the Future of Oral Health
Through excellence in oral health education, patient care and research powered by innovation and community.
UIC College of Dentistry
Located at Polk @ Paulina, in the heart of the Illinois Medical District

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is a worldwide leader in oral health educationclinical care and research that is patient-centered and evidence-based, with a foundation in preventive and public health sciences. We are a part of UI Health and the University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago’s largest university and is one of the nation’s top federally funded public research universities. Our strengths are founded in our college community, comprised of outstanding faculty, students and staff who share a commitment to the promise of public education, the advancement of knowledge, and the imperatives of doing good and giving back.


Our vision is to provide excellence in oral health education, research, and service, through improving the health and wellness of our communities, providing exemplary care for our patients, and advancing the knowledge to do so.


  • To educate oral health professionals and scholars who excel in a complex, multicultural and technologically changing world;
  • To discover and translate new knowledge at the boundaries of science, transforming oral health care practice, social systems and related technologies for the benefit of individuals, families and communities;
  • To provide oral and health education & clinical services of the highest quality with an emphasis on enhancing health equity and social justice for individuals and communities;
  • To prepare health professionals in addressing the challenges of access to care affecting underserved populations;
  • To collaborate with our urban and rural community partners in mutually beneficial ways; and
  • To advocate for public policies, perceptions, and practices that lead to inclusion of oral health as an integral part of the interprofessional emphasis on the health of the communities we serve.


In addition to the University’s core values of knowledge, openness, access, excellence, collaboration and caring, The College of Dentistry has unique core values that include: professionalism, respect, transparency, responsibility, curiosity, flexibility, commitment and inclusion. 

  • Professionalism regarding the highest ethical principles in our research, teaching and helping those we serve.
  • Respect regarding the highest level of mutual respect of the person between all members of our communities,
  • Beneficence regarding the obligation for all college members to strive to do no harm, maximize benefit; minimize harm in a global, multicultural environment,
  • Transparency regarding all aspects of how the College addresses the vision and missions,
  • Responsibility regarding the most efficient and effective use of all human and related resources to fulfill our missions,
  • Curiosity regarding novel educational, research, service ideas leading to new discoveries,
  • Flexibility regarding how we achieve our aspirations through accountability of outcomes,
  • Commitment regarding the highest ethical values in serving our students and communities,
  • Inclusion regarding the role of diversity in engaging students, faculty and staff. 


We are the largest oral health college and patient care provider in the State of Illinois offering outstanding education, research, and patient care. We continually invest in our clinical, research and learning facilities to improve student and patient experiences. We have an innovative, nationally recognized Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program led by world-class faculty and students who have achieved a 100% pass rate on the Part 1 and 2 ADA board exams. Our innovative curriculum integrates foundational and clinical learning through early access to patient care. Our state-of-the-art learning labs and patient care clinics offer a complete digital workflow, advanced imaging and digital diagnostic and care planning. Students gain valuable training experience while sharing in our commitment to public health and community engagement through extramural rotations in carefully selected community-based clinics throughout Chicago and northern Illinois.  Students have the opportunity to learn and engage in general comprehensive training as well as advanced specialized training programs including EndodonticsOral and Maxillofacial SurgeryOrthodonticsPediatric DentistryPeriodontics and Prosthodontics, with multidisciplinary oral science research foundations. 

Our innovative and comprehensive academic programs, excellent students and faculty, strong research and community health focus,  commitment to diversity, dedicated alumni & friends and location in a world-class city set us apart from other oral health colleges.


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    College Quick Facts

    For over 100 years, UIC College of Dentistry has been a premier institution of oral health education, dental care and research.  Our students, faculty, staff and alumni are changing the future of oral health in Chicago, Illinois and beyond in several ways.

    • We are Illinois' largest dental school. We graduate more new dental professionals  than any other institution in the State of IL ~125 DMD students and ~100 post-graduate students each year. We have over 430 students seeking dental degrees including  DMD, PhD and MS programs. 98% of our students are Illinois residents and roughly 75% go on to practicing in IL, mostly in the Chicago metro area. 
    • We are Illinois's largest provider of dental care. We see over 35 thousand patients in over 135 thousand visits annually.  We have over 530 faculty, students and specialty program residents serving patient care needs. We have 286 faculty and resident general and specialist dentists dedicated to patient care, many of which are board certified.
    • Our students are top achievers, nationally. Our students achieve a 100% pass rate on board exams, and perform significantly higher than national average on the basic science and clinical science exams -- 3% and 7% respectively.
    • We are a top 20 oral science research institution. UIC is a Carnegie level-1 research institution, and the College has a research portfolio of over 40 full-time research faculty, 14 visiting researchers, 280+ faculty published papers, and $5M in current NIH/DOD funding. Over half of our faculty are engaged in scholarly and research publications. The College is one of only 15 institutions with DMD/PhD or PhD training grants from the NIDCR.
    • We improve public oral health where it's needed the most.  UIC Dentistry students serve over 3,750 days in more than 11 thousand visits across 17 external sites each year during their extramural community rotations.  Additionally, our students provide oral health education and career counseling to over 2,200 elementary students each year in underserved neighborhoods.
    • We have a proud and highly engaged alumni community.  Our alumni and friends community is over 6,200 strong, providing excellence in oral health education and care everyday.  Due to the generous support of alumni and friends,  the College has been able to renovate clinic spaces, and improve our educational experiences with over $22 million in private fund raising and gifts over the past ten years.


    World-class academics to prepare "next-generation" oral health professionals

    The College of Dentistry provides thoughtful educational programs for students and professionals in a respectful environment that celebrates life-long learning. The College offers an innovative pre-doctoral Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program, and the Doctor of Dental Medicine Advanced Standing (DMD-AS) program. The DMD curriculum offers foundational coursework in the biomedical and clinical sciences, comprehensive care courses that integrate foundational learning, small group learning settings, and clinical learning throughout the four-year program. In addition to the DMD program, the College of Dentistry offers a comprehensive array of educational programs including postgraduate advanced training, graduate and joint degrees, externships, international observations, volunteer opportunities and community based service-learning extramural rotations.


    Innovative Curriculum

    A problem-based model guides our DMD curriculum, allowing students to experience a diagnostic process very early in their education. Our innovative case-based curriculum, called Small Group Learning (SGL) integrates foundational learning and clinical learning throughout the four-year program. The interdisciplinary case scenarios place learning in the context of a real-world patient problem/concern and emphasize the relationship between systemic and oral diseases, health and prevention, family and community context, disease diagnosis and evidence based practice. The SGL curriculum structure offers students several benefits:

    • Increased capacity to find and apply information relevant to clinical cases
    • Improved higher-order reasoning
    • Enhanced communication and collaboration


    State-of-The-Art Technology

    Our clinical facilities, learning and research labs are newly renovated and incorporate the latest in health technology. Students have access to the latest in digital dentistry technology to enhance learning and apply best practices.

    • Instructional Technology tools: AxiUm Ed, Blackboard Learning Management System
    • Digital imaging: CEREC 3D system (CAD/CAM), 3D image analysis, Computed tomography (CT), Orthocad 3D modeling, craniofacial anomaly imaging
    Patient Care
    Comprehensive, personalized dental care services, for all needs
    UIC College of Dentistry Comprehensive, personalized dental care services, for all needs

    The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is Illinois’ largest dental school and dental care provider, serving 20+ thousand patient visits each year.  We offer comprehensive, personalized treatment - with the choice of care provided by students, residents or faculty who are experts in their field – to match every care need, even the most challenging. Located in the heart of the Illinois Medical District UIC Campus, we serve Chicago and beyond with world-class dental care at a great value.  And, yes – we accept UIC’s employee insurance.

    The College of Dentistry has transformed the way we perform many dental treatments through advanced digital technologies and methods. Through the use of digital tools and workflows we offer patients the highest levels of precision and accuracy, and minimally invasive methods - which translates to much less time spent at the dentist, and more comfort. For instance, we can reduce the time spent to receive a new crown from several days – to a matter of hours. For more complex restorations and surgeries, we can pre-plan and coordinate the entire treatment virtually across multiple specialties, and even provide restorative and surgical services in the same appointment – so patients get the advantage of expert consultation and care, quickly and easily.

    Why Patients Choose UIC

    Choice of Personalized Oral Care for All Needs, All in One Place. All College of Dentistry patients have the advantage of highly personalized treatment and the choice of getting their care from a student dentist, a resident specialist, or faculty specialist. Either way, we offer patients one-on-one attention, and the best treatment plan to match your needs, and your schedule – for the best overall value.

    Advanced Specialties for All Needs in One Place. The College of Dentistry offers all dental specialty care practices – all in one place. Faculty and residents collaborate across six advanced specialty clinics including Endodontics, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. Many of our faculty also provide care through a Faculty Practice, as well as teach in the college. Also, many of our faculty serve as researchers who lead scientific investigations that advance the methods used in our clinics.

    Advanced Imaging and Diagnostics. The College of Dentistry uses imaging and diagnostics at the leading edge of patient care. Coupled with sophisticated 3D imaging software, CBCT allows dentists to visualize the inside of teeth, beneath the gums, and other areas of the mouth in a three-dimensional fashion. Using the latest imaging technology offer patients the benefits of less radiation exposure, and the advantage of coordinated diagnosis and treatment planning. The College of Dentistry also uses integrated digital workflows for streamlined care planning, not only between the College of Dentistry specialty clinics, but also with other healthcare providers. This means less time spent getting x-rays from specialists in multiple locations.

    Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM). Through the use of CAD/CAM technology, our dentists can plan and fabricate implants, crowns and other restorative treatments through digital modeling. For patients this means a more comfortable and time-saving dental experience.  Procedures that used to require weeks and an outside dental laboratory are now possible in just a few days, or even on the same day. With the addition of digital impression systems, no longer do patients have to experience the mouth full of impression material formerly required for procedures such as crowns, bridges or dental implants.

    Electronic Health Records. UIC dental clinics use a secure, integrated electronic health record (EHR) system to enhance diagnosis, prevention, treatment and patient education. Whether visiting for a routine check-up, or comprehensive treatments, patients benefit from secure transfer of records between our general and specialty clinics, and referring doctors.

    Patinet Care Centers of Excellence. Our patient care facilities house several specialized centers that provide world-class care using state-of-the-art methods and technology. 

    Leading research in oral science to improve care and impact lives beyond the clinic
    UIC College of Dentistry oral science health research

    The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is an internationally recognized leader in oral health research. We are the only research-oriented dental school in Illinois, and we're anchored within a level-1 biomedical and research university.. The College of Dentistry has a proud decades long history of important breakthroughs in biological and biomaterials sciences. Our faculty engage in the latest research in many cutting edge disciplines that make significant contributions to scientific knowledge and improve the health of our patients.  We have 40+ researchers leading and collaborating in basic scientific investigations and translational studies that are changing the future of dentistry. These disciplines include anthropology, bioinformatics, biomaterials, biomechanics, cancer, developmental biology, diabetes, epigenetics, immunology, microbiology, natural products, stem cells, and wound healing. We also host several research centers and laboratories leading the way in their respective fields. These include;


    The College of Dentistry also provides students and faculty several ways to celebrate our research, gain CE credit and learn from one another.  Our annual Clinic and Research Day celebrates the outstanding research achievements of our faculty and students in the College of Dentistry. Our Research Journal Club presents lunch & learn sessions featuring guest speakers from across campus and industry. 

    Dentistry is moving beyond tissue replacement using materials to enable our bodies to regenerate damaged and failing tissues.
    Location and Directions

    801 South Paulina Street
    Chicago, Illinois 60612

    Google Map Directions

    The UIC College of Dentistry offers a convenient location with easy access via expressways, public transportation (CTA Pink line) across the street, and Metra train a short distance away. From the Eisenhower Expressway, take the Ashland Street exit, south. Visitor parking is available in a lot across the street from the College of Dentistry, at the corner of Polk and Paulina Streets, and in the Paulina Street parking garage south of the College of Dentistry. The CTA Pink Line train stops at Polk Street/Medical Center, just outside the front door of the College of Dentistry. The number 7 Harrison bus, the number 9 Ashland bus, the number 12 Roosevelt bus all stop nearby, and the number 157 Streeterville/Taylor bus stop right at the Pink Line station.

    Clinic Hours

    Clinic hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.



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