UIC College of Dentistry Multidisciplinary Oral Science Training (MOST) Program

Multidisciplinary Graduate Research Training Under Guidance of Leading Faculty Mentors
Students and postdoctoral fellows in MOST are preparing to shape the future of oral health research and clinical care. The program offers several tracks for graduate / post-graduate researchers, including a PhD program and a combined DMD/PhD program, and a postdoctoral fellowship. 

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Program Description

The Multidisciplinary Oral Science Training (MOST) Program is an umbrella program that supports trainees at various stages of their career and graduate studies that fall within the core research/training mission of the training grant. The program offers several tracks for both undergraduate and graduate / post-graduate researchers, including a PhD program and a combined DMD/PhD program, and a postdoctoral fellowship. 

Oral science research is multidisciplinary because it covers many different areas of biomedicine.  The oral cavity can be thought of as a gateway to many other organ systems in the rest of the body, so research at the College of Dentistry involves a lot more than just teeth. The core research areas in the MOST program are in the biomedical sciences to advance craniofacial-oral-dental research including craniofacial biology, tissue regeneration, tissue engineering, biomaterials, oral cancer, microbiology, immunology, and translational research. 

MOST fellows work with world-class faculty, use cutting-edge technology and explore new directions from the bench to the bedside. Our location at University of Illinois at Chicago - a level-1 biomedical and research university - gives us easy access to a diverse range of cutting-edge research, a diverse patient population and, when we’re not working, everything that Chicago has to offer: miles of open lakefront, great culture, dining and sports. The MOST Program is funded by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.


The DMD/PhD Program

The DMD/PhD program integrates our innovative DMD curriculum and clinical training with a customizable basic and translational oral sciences track to offer graduates both a DMD and PhD in Oral Sciences.  Students work closely with faculty mentors and multidisciplinary  science teams to gain valuable experience in the lab and clinic to prepare for careers in science, academics or specialized clinical practice. 

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Research Experiences

MOST participants gain valuable experience not only conducting laboratory research but also improving planning and presentation skills.  Students get mentorship in preparing abstracts for scientific meetings and literature review, and learn new laboratory techniques. 

  • Mentored research projects
  • Research seminars
  • Annual Clinic and Research Day
  • Learn new lab techniques and project planning skills
  • Learn how to prepare abstracts and present posters
  • Learn the ABCs of evidence-based medicine/dentistry


More Information


For more information:

video-play.png  Program Video
In this video, faculty and students describe the advantages of being a student and researcher at UIC, and the College of Dentistry's DMD/PhD Program  


    Meet the Program Director

    large_Ana-Bedran-Russo-3.jpgDr. Ana Bedran-Russo, DDS, MS, PhD is Associate Professor and the Director of Applied Dental Biomaterials & Interfaces Research.  Dr. Bedran-Russo is also the Director of the T32 MOST Program and the MOST Summer Research Program. Her research focuses on biomechanics and biochemistry of dental hard tissue and bioinspired strategies to preserve and repair lost tooth structure.  Dr. Bedran-Russo is actively involved in teaching and mentoring pre-doctoral and post-doctoral students. She is involved in many clinical and research associations such as Academy of Dental Materials, International Association for Dental Research and Academy of Operative Dentistry.

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    Student Research Group

    srg-download-icon.pngThe Student Research Group is dedicated to increasing and enhancing student research opportunities at the College. The group hosts activities such as the Summer Research Symposium to promote and support student research in dentistry as well as encourage and facilitate opportunities for students to share and further their research. The Research Symposium is a great opportunity for predental students to showcase their research as well as network with fellow predents, dental student researchers, faculty, and members of the AADR.

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    cta-graphic-most-mentors2.jpgGet the current list of MOST students, post-grads and faculty mentors.


    Please contact the following people if you have questions about the MOST Program.

    Program Director: Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo, PhD, DDS
    ​Associate Professor, Department of Restorative Dentistry
    Director of Applied Dental Materials and Interfaces
    President of the International Association for Dental Research Dental Materials Group
    (312) 413-9581

    Dr. Anne George, PhD
    , MOST Program
    (312) 413-0738

    Senior Advisor and Director of Career Development: Luisa DiPietro, PhD, DDS
    Professor, Department of Periodontics
    Director of the Center for Wound Repair & Regeneration and Associate Vice Chancellor for Research.
    (312) 355-0432

    Amsa Ramachandran 
    Academic Advisor  DMD/PhD Program
    MOST Program Coordinator
    Office Of Research
    Phone: 312-413-1160


    • Dr. Ana Bedran-Russo, PhD, DDS
      Director, MOST Program

      (312) 413-9581

    • Dr. Anne George, PhD
      , MOST Program
      (312) 413-0738