Resources for Faculty, Students and Staff

Lost & Found
Did you lose something in the building? Lost and found services are handled by Janice Carter in the Dean’s Office. Please visit her in room 102B, email her at  or call (312) 996-7522.

Who to Ask

Academic Resources

ADA Annual Survey Lea Alexander
Blackboard Nancy Norman
Diversity Issues Darryl Pendleton, DMD
ExamSoft Tim Sullivan
Externship Approval Tim Sullivan
Financial Aid Millie Mendez
Lecture Recording Nancy Norman
Lost & Found Janice Carter
Room Reservations Carlos Finney
Scantron Forms, Grading, Exam Soft Tim Sullivan
SoftChalk Nancy Norman
Student Organizations Millie Mendez or Angelica Alvarez
Supplemental Education / Tutoring Millie Mendez
Tuition Tax Withholding - PEDD/OS Residents & Employees Payroll Service Center
Turning Point Nancy Norman
Urban Health Program Darryl Pendleton, DMD
Wellness Concerns Millie Mendez


  Current DMD/IDDP Current PG Certificate/
MS Student
Approval/Permission Issues Tim Sullivan Ashley Burton
Course Lists Carlos Finney Ashley Burton
Grade Changes Carlos Finney Ashley Burton
Registration Revisions Carlos Finney Ashley Burton 
Absences (illness, religious, etc.) Carlos Finney N/A
Board Exams Tim Sullivan N/A
Diplomas/Certificates OAR
Enrollment Verification OAR
Leave of Absence Tim Sullivan Ashley Burton
Letters of Good Standing Carlos Finney Ashley Burton
Name Changes Carlos Finney Ashley Burton
Course Evaluations Lea Alexander Lea Alexander
Graduation Tim Sullivan Ashley Burton
Licensure Tim Sullivan N/A













Who to Ask for Faculty Resources
Promotion & Tenure Wendy Cerny
  Director, Office of Faculty Affairs
  (312) 355-2662
Teaching & Learning  
   Accreditation Lea Alexander
  (312) 996-1891
   Director of Assessment (pre-doc) Anne Koerber, DDS, PhD
  (312) 996-9341
   Course Approval Lea Alexander
   Course Evaluations Lea Alexander
   Instructional Technology Nancy A. Norman, MA
     (Blackboard, BOX, Lecture Recording, (312) 355-0537
      SoftChalk,  etc.)  
   Room Reservations Carlos Finney
   Exam Soft


Tim Sullivan


   Small Group Learning Blase P. Brown, DDS
  (312) 996-1105
    Research              Lyndon Cooper
  Associate Dean for Research
  (312) 996-7515
   Funding Virginia Buglio
  (312) 996-1027