Attending a tour
Step 1: Consider Requesting a Tour. However, due to COVID-19, tours are suspended.

In response to the COVID-19 situation, the College of Dentistry Office of Admissions is taking measures to protect the health and welfare of our campus community and guests. The information below focuses on the impact on prospective students and applicants and will be continually updated. 

Impacts on visits, on- and off-campus events

Based on the University of Illinois System recommendations, effective Friday, March 13, on-campus tours will be suspended.

  • In addition to on-campus events, Admissions will not participate in off-campus events including school visits, college fairs and other non-essential travel. 
  • This suspension of activities is in place until further notice. Where possible, alternate programming is being planned. Check back here for details. 

Office closure until May 30

The College of Dentistry Office of Admissions is temporarily closed and staff will work remotely until May 30. We will not be able to receive in-person visits or phone calls.  Please contact us by email if you have any questions or need assistance.

Ms. Carolyn Feller
Director of Student and Diversity Affairs

Ms. Braulia Espinosa
Director of Student and Diversity Affairs

Ms. Laura Macias
Admissions Specialistand 

Impacts on the Advanced Standing application process

The College of Dentistry Office of Admissions is committed to increased flexibility in our admissions process to ease some of the disruption to our applicants' plans.

  • The application deadline for the Advanced Standing cycle will be extended to June 30, 2020. 
  • UIC is accepting the TOEFL iBT Special Home edition. Please visit the TOEFL website for additional information. 
  • The ECE has temporarily suspended it's operations. Due to the delay, UIC can use ECE applicant reports from last year's (2019-2020) application cycle only. Please submit your CAAPID application and then send an email to with the subject line ECE with your full name and CAAPID ID#. 
  • Please continue to check back here for details. 

    This page was last updated: 4/27/2020

    Submit Applications
    Step 2: Submit Applications

    The UIC College of Dentistry will begin accepting applications for its January entering class on March 5. The application deadline for submission of an ADEA CAAPID and UIC application is June 15.   

    To apply to the UIC College of Dentistry you should first submit the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Centralized Application for Advanced Placement for International Dentists (CAAPID)

    Supplemental Application

    After submitting the CAAPID application, please submit the UIC Supplemental Application.  You will need to make the following selections to arrive at the correct UIC Supplemental application - The 2020-2021 Cycle, General Application, Doctorate level, and finally DMD Advanced Standing from the intended program drop-down.  Do not choose the professional program supplemental application.  This is not the correct application.  Similarly, if you have applied in the past, you will need to follow this year's instructions for re-applying.  

    International Credential Evaluation Fee

    A non-refundable $50 International Credential Evaluation Fee is assessed for all graduate and professional degree-seeking applicants who have post-secondary coursework taken outside the United States. The fee is assessed once per application term. Payment of the fee will be requested online through the application checklist after submission of the application.

    Upload Materials
    Step 3: Upload Materials

    Please review the DMD-AS Application Checklist and the electronic document criteria requirements. Please do not mail your documents, our office will not accept them.

    Download the DMD-AS Application Checklist

    Selection and Acceptance
    Step 4: Selection and Acceptance

    Since the College has a limited capacity, it must be selective in choosing students. The selection is based upon the applicant's credentials, letters of recommendation, and information obtained during the application process. A rolling admissions process is used with preference given to earlier applications. Admission to the College of Dentistry is competitive, and it should be recognized that not all candidates who apply will be admitted. Only those candidates deemed highly qualified will be invited for an on-campus interview in the months of April - August.  Invitations are extended by faculty and therefore should not be requested by the applicant. The Office of Admissions will notify all applicants of a final admissions decision no later than November.


    Application Updates

    Our office will send application status updates, including: acknowledgement receipt e-mails, missing credentials e-mails, and notification of interviews and admissions decisions via email. Each applicant at UIC will receive a UIN number (University Identification Number), please include your name and UIN when contacting the Admissions staff.

    Please note that the Office of Admissions is unable to provide updates to third party individuals due to the Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). More information.