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The mission of the UIC Dental Alumni Association and its Board of Directors is to enhance and advance the relationship between the UIC College of Dentistry and all of its alumni, and to inspire lifelong loyalty and pride in the College and its departments. The Board does this by planning and participating in alumni engagement efforts, engaging in public relations efforts, and providing financial assistance for the College and its programs. The Board also functions as an advocate for alumni by expressing their opinions and preferences to College of Dentistry leadership. In addition, it inspires loyalty and pride in the College by providing opportunities for continued communication, involvement, and relationships among alumni worldwide, and informs and updates alumni as to the achievements of the UIC College of Dentistry in teaching, research, and public service.

The objectives of the UIC Dental Alumni Association and its Board of Directors are to support the Mission and Vision of the UIC College of Dentistry and to recognize and celebrate the achievements and contributions of UIC College of Dentistry alumni and friends.

“Being a member of the UIC Dental Alumni Association Board of Directors is both meaningful and enjoyable. Dental education has changed, and service on the Board gives us a role in helping assure the future of dentistry. And it’s a way to show our gratitude for the life dentistry has given us. I look at Board participation as both a thank you to the College and as a way to give back.”

                --William B. Hamel III, DDS ’83, President, UIC Dental Alumni Association Board of Directors

Message from the President

"We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." -Winston Churchill

Dear Alumni and Friends:
The quote by Winston Churchill also is a favorite of Dr. Daniel M. Laskin, MS ’52, former Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery who recently made a significant gift to the College.

Dr. Laskin has always given back to the College. Actually, many of the College’s alumni, and Loyola University Chicago alumni, too, provide donations of time or money to the College.

However, I still run into some alumni who decline to give to the College because they think that faculty salaries are too high, or that the College’s funds are not managed efficiently enough.

Having been President of the UIC Dental Alumni Association Board of Directors for nearly two years now, and a member of the board for many years before that, I know firsthand that nothing could be further from the truth.

Faculty at the College can make more money in their practices than they can teaching at the College, yet they sacrifice their time and potential higher income to teach the next generation of dentists. And they are doing a superb job. Since the inception of the DMD curriculum at the College, every class that has challenged a National Board examination, whether Part I or Part II, has had a 100% first-time pass rate. (For Part I, starting in 2013, and for Part II, starting in 2015.)

The students achieve great success because the faculty do a great job. Thanks to the education provided by the College’s faculty, we are seeing some of the best-prepared new dentists ever as our latest associates and colleagues.

 When it comes to economics, Dean Clark Stanford runs the tightest ship possible. He came to the deanship with a superb ability to manage finances, and had to become even more innovative as the State provided no budget for more than two years. Even when the State does provide financial support, it totals only a meager 5%.of the College’s needs.

There is no fat in the College budget, and Dean Stanford and Associate Dean for Finance and Administration Dr. Michael Harner and his team are vigilant to make sure it stays that way.

Dean Stanford has made “accountability” the watchword for managing funds at the College. Each department is accountable for the money it takes in and the money it spends, and is expected to operate in the black. The College engages in Business Practice Management, and its efficiency continuously improves.

Tuition and fees provide the largest share of the College’s funding at 51%, yet the College leadership team endeavors to keep tuition affordable relative to other public and private dental schools around the country.

The second largest funding source is clinical collections at 31%. In recent years, the College has successfully ramped up its collection efforts, making them modern, efficient, and effective.

The College is reducing both fixed and variable costs through such areas as consolidated procurement and increasing the patient flow by making chair use more efficient, thereby bringing in more patients and patient fees.

In the past few years, the College has continually invested in new clinical areas and research laboratories; engaged more, diverse, and tenacious students; recruited new faculty; and broadened its community engagement.

The College is a good steward of all donor gifts. As Associate Dean for Advancement and Alumni Affairs Mark J. Valentino says, “Gifts to the College are used for teaching, research, service to the community, and infrastructure. We treat donors’ intent for their gifts with the utmost respect. We handle gifts with the highest standards of integrity and accountability.”

And it has done all this while cutting costs and raising new revenues. I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and I can tell you that the UIC College of Dentistry is worthy of your support.

Interested in serving on the Board?

Please complete the application and submit to DentalAlumniBoard@uic.edu. For more information, call (312) 996-8495.

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