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Photo of Oppermann, Nelson

Nelson Oppermann, DDS, MS

Clinical Assistant Professor



Building & Room:



College of Dentistry 801 S. Paulina Street, IL 60612


Dr. Nelson Oppermann obtained his Orthodontics Specialty Certificate in 1993 from Dentists Association of Sao Paulo and master degree in oral sciences focus in orthodontics in 2003 from SL Mandic dental School - Campinas - Brazil. Dr. Oppermann has been involved with the Bioprogressive and Sectional Mechanics Studies. His connection to Dr Robert Ricketts years ago and presence in several studies on those subjects help this development. Dr. Oppermann’s knowledge in growth and development of the human craniofacial complex together to Ricketts cephalometric analysis and diagnostics system gives another perspective to treatment planning.  He is also involved as adjunct speaker professor at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Apart of those attributions Dr. Oppermann is an active and enthusiastic professor and lecturer, being visited many countries for teaching with articles published based on Bioprogressive Therapy field.

Scholarly interests

Digital technology, Biomechanics, Bioprogressive Therapy, Eruption Control, Growth and Development of the Face, Occlusion and TMDs

Selected Publications

Cephalometric changes in growing patients with increased vertical dimension treated with cervical headgear. J Orofac Orthop. 2017: 28th April

Change in the vertical dimension of Class II Division 1 patients after use of cervical or high-pull headgear. AmJOrthod DentofacialOrthop 2016;150:771-81

Assessment of vertical changes during palatal expansion using quad helix or bonded rapid palatal expander. Angle Orthod. 2016;86:925–933

Skeletal growth changes in Class II subjects treated with slow palatal expansion. JWFO Vol. 4, Issue 1, March 2015, Pages 8–13

The importance of nasal breathing and its effect on the direction of mandibular growth. Ortho Practice US. July 17th (2014)

The Wilson 3D Quad-Helix and maxillary expansion. RMO Clinical Review. 2007-2008. P32-37

Contemporary Bioprogressive Therapy. RMO Clinical Review p8-16. 2006

Avaliação do Comportamento do Eixo Facial em Pacientes Classe II Divisão 1ª, Tratados sem Extração, com Mecânica Seccionada e Elásticos (Evaluation of Facial Axis Changes in Class II div 1 Patients, Treated without Extractions, with Seccional Mechanics and Elastics) at RGO, P. Alegre, v. 53, n 1, p. 01-84, jan./mar. 2005


Avaliação das Alterações Cefalométricas em Norma Frontal Resultantes da Utilização do Aparelho Expansor Quad-Helix (Evaluation of Postero-Anterior Cephalometric Changes After Quad-Helix Expansion)