In support of our Asian and Asian American community

UIC College of Dentistry

In support of our Asian and Asian American community

March 17th 2021

To the College community and especially our faculty, staff and students of Asian descent.

The events of the past year, where individuals are randomly attacked, can be viewed as intentional to restrict, hide or repress the presence of the Asian communities that are a rich part of the American fabric.  Stereotypes, microaggressions and other forms of assault(s) are tactics to cause intimidation and fear.

The events in Georgia yesterday only shines a light on the need to celebrate the rich complexity of Asian Americans along with the rich heritage and culture each one of the communities teaches us.

It is very important we call out and confront hate and embrace all of our diverse communities.  No one should be afraid to walk outside, talk with friends or fear simply live one’s lives.

The College celebrates all of our communities and we specifically speak out now indicating we will not tolerate injustice and we will not tolerate acts that are in any way intended to intimidate our fellow staff, faculty or students.

We are only a strong community when we practice a holistic welcoming College community for all of our members.  Thank you and thank you especially to our students, faculty and staff of Asian descent for ALL of your wonderful contributions to our College’s success!


Dr Clark Stanford
Dean, College of Dentistry
University of Illinois at Chicago