Guy Adami, PhD
801 S. Paulina Street
  • Guy
  • Adami
  • PhD
  • Associate Professor
Research Focus:
  • Bioinformatics
    Cancer Biology
    Oral Microbiology
    Stem Cell Biology
    Functional Foods, Natural Products and Oral Health
    Oral Diagnostics

Research Interests

  • Rapid, non-invasive, gene expression based diagnosis of oral cancer
  • Changes in cells that occur with aging
  • Effects of DNA damage


Kolokythas, A., Schwartz, J.L., Pytynia, K., Panda, S., Yao, M., Homann, B., Sroussi, H.Y., Epstein, J., Gordon, S., and G.R. Adami. (2011) Analysis of RNA from Brush Cytology Detects Increases in B2M and KRT17 in OSCC in tobacco users. Oral Oncol 47(6) 532-536.

Schwartz JL, Brunnemann KD, Adami AJ, Panda S, Gordon SC, Hoffmann D, Adami GR. 2010. Brand specific responses to smokeless tobacco in a rat lip canal model.J Oral Pathol Med 39(6):453-9.

Panda S, Isbatan A, Adami GR. 2008. Modification of the ATM/ATR directed DNA damage response state with aging and long after hepatocyte senescence induction in vivo. Mech Ageing and Dev 129(6):332-340.

Schwartz JL, Panda S, Beam C, Bach LE, Adami GR. 2008. RNA from brush oral cytology to measure squamous cell carcinoma gene expression. J Oral Pathol Med 37(2):70-77.

Crawford JM, Adami GR, Johnson BR, Knight GW, Knoernschild K, Obrez A, Patston PA, Punwani I, Zaki AM, Licari FW. 2007. Curriculum restructuring at a North American dental school: rationale for change. J Dent Educ 71(4):524-31.