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Photo of Avenetti, David

David Avenetti, DDS, MSD, MPH

Associate Professor (CT), Department Head

Director, Pediatric Dentistry Outpatient Care Center

Department of Pediatric Dentistry



UIC College of Dentistry 801 S. Paulina, IL 60612


As a full-time faculty member, Dr. Avenetti is actively involved in clinical and didactic teaching, administration, research, and service; he provides direct patient care in extramural practice and intramurally in the Outpatient Care Center. Dr. Avenetti is actively involved in the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, where he serves on Councils/Committees and is also a national spokesperson.

Clinical activities & specialties

Dr. Avenetti serves as the Department Head after serving as Program Director for nearly eight years. His didactic responsibilities include coordination and/or instruction in Orthodontics & Growth and Development, Pulp Therapy and Dental Materials, Leadership and Advocacy, and Journal Club/Post-Graduate Seminars. He also provides lectures in the pre-doctoral curriculum, select courses in the certificate and MS curricula, and Continuing Education courses.

Dr. Avenetti’s clinical responsibilities include serving as an attending in the post-graduate clinic, the OCC,  and at the UI Hospital. In the hospital setting, Dr Avenetti supervises residents for general anesthesia cases, consults, and call. He facilitates the collaborative “Mixed Dentition Clinic” with the Department of Orthodontics.

Selected Publications

Nguyen A, Caplin J, Avenetti D, Durfee S, Kusnoto B, Sciote J, Nicholas C. A Longitudinal Assessment of Sex Differences in the Growth of the Mandibular Retromolar Space. Archives of Oral Biology. 2022 Sep 20:105547.

Lee HH, Avenetti D, Edomwande Y, Sundarajaran V, Cui L, Berbaum M, Nordgren R, Sandoval A, Martin MM. Oral community health worker-led interventions in households with average levels of psychosocial factors. Frontiers in Oral Health 2022;3.

Hammersmith K, Avenetti D, Dhar V, Patel M, Leary K, Matusak A, Karp J, McDaniel JC, Peng J. The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Applicants to Advanced Education in Pediatric Dentistry Programs and Recommendations for Virtual Interviews. Journal of Dentistry for Children. 2022 May 15;89(2):117-25.

Martin MA, Avenetti D, Lee HH, Nordgren R, Berbaum ML, Edomwande Y, Liyong C, Sandoval A. Community health worker intervention to improve tooth brushing in young children: Results from a cluster randomized controlled trial. Community Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology (Available ahead of print, 2022).

Avenetti DM, Lee HH, Mehta N, Raja S, LeHew C. General Anesthesia Versus Moderate Sedation: Factors Affecting Caregivers’ Decisions for Children’s Dental Treatment Modality. Journal of Dentistry for Children. 2021 Sep 15;88(3):187-95.

Bulatova G, Kusnoto B, Grace V, Tsay TP, Avenetti DM, Sanchez FJ. Assessment of automatic cephalometric landmark identification using artificial intelligence. Orthodontics & Craniofacial Research. 2021 Dec;24:37-42.

Brar KA, Kratunova E, Avenetti D, da Fonseca MA, Marion I, Alapati S. Success of Biodentine and ferric sulfate as pulpotomy materials in primary molars: A retrospective study. Journal of Clinical Pediatric Dentistry. 2021;45(1):22-8.

Martin M, Pugach O, Avenetti D, Lee H, Salazar S, Rosales G, Songthangtham N. Oral Health Behaviors in Very Young Children in Low-Income Urban Areas in Chicago, Illinois, 2018-2019. Prev Chronic Dis. 2020 Dec 3;17:E152. doi: 10.5888/pcd17.200213. PMID: 33274700; PMCID: PMC7735487.

Lee HH, LeHew CW, Avenetti D, Cory M, Buscemi J, Koerber, A. A qualitative analysis of caregiver perceptions of pediatric dental surgery under general anesthesia. Int J Paediatric Dent. 2020; June 18.

Avenetti D, Lee HH, Pugach O, Rosales G, Sandoval A, Martin M. Tooth Brushing Behaviors and Fluoridated Toothpaste Use among Children Younger than Three Years Old in Chicago. Journal of Dentistry in Children. 2020;87(1): 31-38.

Martin MA, Zimmerman LJ, Rosales GF, Lee HH, Songthangtham N, Pugach O, Sandoval AS, Avenetti D, Alvarez G, Gansky SA. Design and sample characteristics of COordinated Oral health Promotion (CO-OP) Chicago: A cluster-randomized controlled trial. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2019 Dec 30:105919.

Lee, HH, Lehew, CW, Avenetti D, Buscemi, J, Koerber A. Understanding Oral Health Behaviors Among Children Treated for Caries Under General Anesthesia. Journal of Dentistry for Children. 2019;86(2): 101-108.

Martin M, Rosales G, Sandoval A. Lee H, Pugach O, Avenetti D Alvarez G, Diaz A. What really happens in the home: a comparison of parent-reported and observed tooth brushing behaviors for young children. BMC Oral Health. 2019:19(1):35.

Martin MA, Lee HH, Landa J, Minier M, Avenetti D, Sandoval A. Formative research implications on design of a randomized controlled trial for oral health promotion in children. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 2018;4(1):155.

Avenetti D. Common Orthodontic Problems in the Mixed Dentition. Decisions in Dentistry, 4 (9), 30-32,35, 2018.

 da Fonseca MA, Avenetti D. Social Determinants of Pediatric Oral Health. Dental Clinics of North America. 2017;61(3):519-32.

Bo H, Avenetti, D, Kratunova, E. Dental Management Considerations in a Pediatric Patient with Moyamoya Disease. Journal of Dentistry for Children84(2), 100-105, 2017.



  • University of Southern California, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies
  • University of California Los Angeles, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Omicron Kappa Upsilon
  • University of Washington and Seattle Children’s Hospital, Advanced Program in Pediatric Dentistry
  • University of Washington, Master of Science in Dentistry
  • University of Washington, Master of Public Health (Health Services) and Certificate in Maternal and Child Health

Professional Memberships

  • American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist
  • American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Fellow


Research Currently in Progress

Dr. Avenetti’s research and grant activities are supported by NIDCR, HRSA, and institutional funding. Current funded research activities include:

Oral health promotion and reducing oral health disparities (NIDCR)
Leadership and professional development in pediatric dentistry (HRSA)
Outcomes of general anesthesia for oral rehabilitation (NIDCR)

Research Interests:

  • Behavioral & Public Health Research/Interests: Social determinants of oral health disparities, access to care and health services, outcomes of general anesthesia for pediatric oral rehabilitation, oral health promotion (brushing behaviors in children)
  • Educational Research/Interests: Medical-dental interprofessional education, leadership and advocacy education.
  • Clinical Research/Interests: Interceptive orthodontics, pulp therapy, general anesthesia, quality/safety in dental care.