Anne George, PhD
(312) 413-0738
UIC College of Dentistry
801 S. Paulina Street
  • Anne
  • George
  • PhD
  • Professor
Oral Biology
Research Focus:
  • Biomaterials
    Stem Cell Biology

Education & Career

  • University of Saurashtra, India, MSc, Organic Chemistry, 1978
  • University of Madras, India, PhD, Physical Chemistry, 1983
  • Northwestern University, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 1988-1993

Research Interests

The basic problem we are attempting to solve is that of determining the molecular mechanisms involved in the ordered mineralization of dentin. The process of mineral deposition is not a random process, but it is a well ordered phenomena, in which there are highly specific interactions between the macromolecular components of the matrix. Our studies have been directed to dentin mineralization because of its uniformity and metabolic simplicity relative to bone. Our current working hypothesis proposed for mineralization is a multistep process. First the tissue forming cells, i.e. the odontoblasts, secrete a structural matrix that defines the shape of the tissue and provides the space for the ordered, oriented nucleation of the mineral crystals.


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