Dr. William F. Hohlt
College of Dentistry
801 S. Paulina Street
  • William F.
  • Hohlt
  • DDS, MS
  • Clinical Professor of Orthodontics

Biographic Summary

Dr. William F. Hohlt is currently Professor Emeritus at Indiana University School of Dentistry, Indianapolis, IN. Before his retirement, he served as Director of Predoctoral Orthodontics and held a fulltime appointment on the Graduate Faculty. In addition to his teaching activities, Dr. Hohlt maintains an active part-time private practice in Indianapolis, IN.

As director, Dr. Hohlt developed the clinical curriculum for Predoctoral Orthodontics in 1988. In his position on the graduate faculty, he has served on the thesis committee of twenty-two residents since 1989. In March 2000, Dr. Hohlt was awarded the Teaching Excellence Recognition Award from the University. In May 2001, he received the Trustees Teaching Award from the University.

Dr. Hohlt is an active presenter at various professional meetings and continuing education courses worldwide. Cur- rently, the popular requested topics for presentation are: Implant Anchorage, Palatal Onplant Anchorage, Forced Eruption, Anterior Space Management and Biomechanics.

Scholarly Interests

Implant anchorage for orthodontics using implants, onplants, and mini screws, biomechanics and early orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition using functional appliances.