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Wireless Access

Connect to campus wireless via UIC WiFi:

Wireless Access points

Map of COD and campus locations for UIC WiFi

UIC Wireless for Smart Phones and Tablets


DMD students:;;;
IDDP students:;
Advanced Specialty/MS students:
Research Faculty, Staff and Students:
Student Research Group:

How to send a message

If you are a member of the ListServ, you can post directly to that list by using that ListServ’s email address (see list above).

Terms of Use

College of Dentistry ListServs are to be used only for promoting the educational, administrative, or other college-related goals of the College of Dentistry.

For security purposes, only UIC email addresses will be allowed on the ListServs.

The following are expressly forbidden:

  • Obscene, threatening, or offensive material
  • Commercial postings, other than private sales among the College community
  • Large files (e.g., images)
  • Attachments should be avoided if the text of the attachment can be easily placed in the text of the email.

IT Help Desk

Hours: 7:30 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday
Contact: (312) 413-3182 or (312) 413-4731

The IT Helpdesk is available to answer questions and provide support for the following:

  • computers,
  • monitors,
  • keyboards,
  • computer mice,
  • usb devices,
  • printers,
  • copiers,
  • scanners,
  • barcode readers,
  • magnetic card readers

Audio Visual Request Form

Fill out the online AV request form or come to Room 504E to fill out the form manually.

Pharos UPrint System

Windows users: Please download the Pharos UPrint client for Windows XP, Vista or 7 from the links below. Select 32-bit or 64-bit as appropriate. Also refer to the instructions below for installation and configuration settings.

Mac users: Please refer to the instructions on how to download and install the UPrint client on a Mac.

Note: The UPrint client and instructions explained above are only for the use of UIC College of Dentistry students, faculty and staff.

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