• Craniofacial Pathobiology

Investigations of processes that occur within cells and tissues to maintain health and control growth and development; understanding how alterations (genetic/environmental) result in disease (cancer). Study of microbiome/host interactions.

Research Areas
Anthropology & Evolution Caries Research Virology
Bioinformatics Developmental/
Craniofacial Biology
Sleep Medicine
Cancer Biology Periodontal Disease  
  • Regenerative Science

Activities at the basic and translational level that span needs from the repair of damaged and diseased tissues to the growth of cells/tissues to replace lost tissues. Study of how materials interact with living tissues; building of tissue replacements.

Research Areas
Biomaterials Immunology Stem Cell Biology
Bio-engineering Diabetes Wound Healing
Dental Implants Oral Microbiology  
  • Clinical, Translational & Community

Study of safety and efficacy of drugs, devices, and treatments in individuals; and investigating how and why efforts to promote oral health through intervention are accepted by communities. Study of incidence and prevalence of disease; measuring outcomes of interventions.

Research Areas
Behavioral Science Community Health & Outreach
Educational Research Functional Foods & Natural Products
Global Health Security Oral Diagnostics
Prevention & Public Health  
Jose Iriarte-Diaz, Ph.D

Dr. Jose Iriarte-Diaz currently studies the biomechanics of feeding and the evolution of the craniofacial system in mammals, and in 2015, he won an IgNoble Prize--awarded to work that "makes you laugh, and then think"--for his research on how dinosaurs move. He attached "tails" — wooden sticks — to a dozen chickens in Chile, and then studied how the tails affected their movement. The finding? Having a tail changed the birds' center of mass, just as it would have affected the movement of the chickens' dinosaur ancestors. Watch a video about this research.

"I can work in multiple labs and centers along-side research experts from all over the world, solving big problems in oral and general health."