State-of-the-art clinical laboratory for translational research

Clinical research plays a vital role in transforming research at the College of Dentistry into a world-class research program. The new Clinical Research Centers offers a spacious, state-of-the-art clinical laboratory for basic scientists to translate their laboratory findings into clinical care, provide clinical materials for analysis in laboratories, and engage clinical faculty in research that ultimately benefits patients and the community.

  • Five dental operatories (147-162 sq. ft.)- fully equipped for dental procedures, including one operatory outfitted for behavioral research with recording equipment  for observing patient and clinician behavior ,and EHR access. All operatories have doors for privacy and noise control.
  • Front desk and waiting area.
  • Administrative office, meeting and consultation rooms.
  • Instrument processing laboratory for specialized/proprietary instruments, and storage for supplies. Preparation rooms for nursing staff to take clinical samples, e.g., blood, and for several staff to be in the room at the same time.
  • In-suite laboratory for rapid processing of samples and preparation of dental biomaterials.
Current Studies

The new Center accommodates a variety of clinical trials and other translational experimental research studies.