Admission Requirements


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In order to be considered for the DMD program, applicants must:

  • formally submit an AADSAS application. Preference will be given to residents of Illinois (Illinois Residency Guidelines; State Regulations);
  • have earned a bachelor's degree conferred no later than June of the matriculation year from an accredited United States college or university; any additional degrees listed on the dental school application must be posted no later than June of the matriculation year.
  • have completed all required coursework with a grade of "C" or better from an accredited US college or university (There are no limitations on junior college work, but it is recommended that most work be completed at a 4-year institution.);
  • hold United States citizenship, permanent residency, or Asylee status (Individuals whose presence in the US is contingent upon the temporary status of their spouse will not be considered.);
  • meet the Safety and Technical Standards of the program; and
  • arrange delivery of application materials so they are received by the College of Dentistry no later than November 15.  AADSAS typically opens the first week of June each year. 

Required Coursework

EFFECTIVE FALL 2017 entering class:  3 semester hours of Biochemistry will be required (no lab). 

Prior to Fall 2017 entering classes:   These courses are required prior to admissions to the DMD. To be competitive, applicants are encouraged to take 3-4 upper level courses from the attached list of advanced science classes. The UIC College of Dentistry does not accept AP credits for the basic prerequisites. However, if basic level chemistry, biology or physics courses requirements are met with AP credit, students may take the specific number of credit hours in each area from upper level science courses (preferably at a 4-year university).

DAT Exam

All applicants are required to take the Dental Admission Test (DAT), sponsored by the American Dental Association. It is strongly suggested that applicants complete this test prior to the year they wish to enter school. DAT scores can only be accepted if it is taken 2 years prior to application. The DAT can be taken up to 3 times, but candidates must wait 90 days between exams.  We provide DAT, GPA, and other information on current students to interested applicants. The UIC College of Dentistry does not accept the Canadian DAT.

Letters of Recommendation

The College requires three letters of recommendation. One committee letter of recommendation will satisfy the three-letter requirement. We strongly recommend submitting two academic references, preferably from two science professors. A third letter from a dental professional that an applicant shadows is highly preferred. Letters will only be accepted electronically via The Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS). Paper recommendations or emailed letters are not accepted at UIC.


An on-campus interview is required. Interviews are held October through March. Selected students will be notified electronically and on the AADSAS student web portal if they are selected for an interview. Candidates should not request an interview. The interview will be extended by the College's Admissions Office at the approval of the Admissions Committee. Interview days are typically a half day in duration and conclude by early afternoon.

Application Fee

The college requires an $85 supplemental fee and brief application from applicants. The UIC online application must be completed by DECEMBER 1ST. (Effective for the Fall 2017 entering class, the UIC deadline will be November 15th). The automated system will close and cannot accept student fees or application after this date.   Please pay this fee using UIC's supplemental application. The applicant must complete an AADSAS application prior to completing the UIC application. Applicants will need to pay a supplemental application fee of $85 to the university by credit card only. UIC will accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. The university will no longer accept checks or money orders.


The University of Illinois College of Dentistry requires DMD applicants to present all attempted coursework on their AADSAS application. All grades in prerequisite classes must be at least a grade of "C" or better.


Applicants to the UIC College of Dentistry are expected to demonstrate passion for the field. This is often obtained through shadowing experiences and exposure to dentistry. Students often shadow a variety of dentist, including general practitioners. It is recommended that applicants obtain 100 or more hours at the time of application submission.

Community Service/Volunteer Work

The UIC College of Dentistry prides itself on serving the underserved. Applicants are expected to have obtained a variety of experiences, including community service and volunteer work. The experiences do not have to be specifically dentistry related, but these experiences may be helpful to one's own understanding of selfless giving, compassion for others and exposure to diverse populations.


Students are encouraged to become formally exposed to research where possible. Incoming D1's have an opportunity to apply for and participate in a summer research program prior to matriculation in the D1 year. Predentals with some previous exposure may apply for the undergraduate summer research opportunity at the College of Dentistry. Deadlines are typically in mid February.  The college also offers a PhD/DMD track. Applicants interested in obtaining further information about research may refer to the "Research Experiences" page. Please click here

*We strongly recommend during the AADSAS process, that applicants monitor their application using the AADSAS online system.  Communication from the college will be sent via email. Thank you in advance for your patience.*


Effective June 1, 2015, the College of Dentistry will accept applications for the DMD program from out-of-state candidates.  However, there is a preference for Illinois residents as UIC is a state supported institution.