The application cycle for the Fall entering class will begin on June 1. The deadline to submit the ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (ADEA AADSAS) application and UIC supplemental application (with $85 fee) is December 1.
The UIC DMD program begins every year in the Fall semester (August). The D1 class is also required to attend a 1-day summer meeting in June of the matriculating year as well as a week long orientation prior to the start of classes.
The admissions committee will start reviewing applications in August. The interview process will take place from September to February.
Yes, the college requires an $85 supplemental fee and brief application. The UIC online application must be completed by November 15. The applicant must complete an AADSAS application prior to completing the UIC application. UIC will only accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
If you applied last year you should resubmit all application materials. The college does not transfer application materials from previous years.
Yes, you can submit your AADSAS application without a DAT score. Once you take the DAT, the ADA official score will be reported directly to your AADSAS application. This process may take 2-4 weeks. Your application will remain incomplete until your official ADA DAT score is received.
Yes, UIC does accept courses taken at a community college. It is highly recommended that students complete all the science pre-requisites and upper level science classes at a 4-year University.
No, UIC does not accept AP credit for the basic prerequisites. However, if basic level chemistry, biology or physics courses requirements are met with AP credit, students may take the specific number of credit hours in each area from upper level science courses (preferably at a 4-year university).
No, UIC will only accept letters of recommendation submitted via AADSAS. Paper recommendations or emailed letters will not be accepted.
No, UIC will only accept the American Dental Association (ADA) official score reported via AADSAS.


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