In order to be considered for admission to the DMDAS, you must have a passing score on National Board Part I. Although NBDE part II is not required, preference will be given to candidates that have passed both parts. All students must meet the minimum IBT TOEFL sub-scores to be eligible to apply: Overall total score: 80; Writing: 21; Speaking: 20; Listening: 17; Reading: 19. The average TOEFL score of our last entering class was a 100 overall total score.
UIC requires 2 letters of recommendation. Preferably, one should be from a U.S. dental practitioner. UIC does not require a letter of recommendation from the Dean of your dental school.
UIC has an electronic application process; students should upload a PDF of their scanned National Board Scores. Candidates that are selected for an interview will be required to request that the ADA send an official score report directly to the Admissions office via email.
Please note that TOEFL scores over two years old are invalid. Your TOEFL score must not be more than 2 years old at the time of application submission. There is no exception to this rule.
Yes, you can update your TOEFL score. Please request that ETS send UIC your updated score, the University of Illinois-Chicago institution code with ETS TOEFL is 1851. It is required that TOEFL scores be reported electronically directly to UIC by ETS. You should also update your CAAPID application, it is extremely important that CAAPID be updated.
Please log in to your application 1 business day after submission, you will be allowed to begin uploading your documents. Please do not mail your documents; our office will not accept them.
It may take up to 10 business days for your documents to be reviewed. If you have uploaded all the required documents, you will receive an email informing you your application is complete.
UIC will start reviewing applications in mid-March. The interview process will take place from April to August.
The UIC DMD-AS program starts every year in January and is a full-time program lasting 28 months.
Upon the successful completion of the DMD-ASprogram you will be awarded a Doctor of Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) degree.


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