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Photo of Crawford, John M.

John M. Crawford, BDS, PhD

Professor Emeritus of Periodontics




801 S. Paulina St., IL 60612



1965 -BDS, Guy’s Hospital Dental School, London, England

1973-Certificate in Periodontics and General Dentistry, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

1973- 1975- Research Fellow in Immunology, Forsyth Dental Center, Boston, MA and Clinical Instructor, Department of Periodontology, Harvard School of Dental Medicine

1979-PhD, in Immunology, University of Connecticut

1979-1984-Assistant Professor of Periodontics, Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, UIC

1981-1982-Acting Head, Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, UIC

1984-1997- Associate Professor of Periodontics, Department of Periodontics, College of Dentistry, UIC

1995- 2012-Member, Graduate College, UIC

1997 -  2012- Professor of Clinical Periodontics, Department of Periodontics,UIC and director of the predoctoral Periodontics program

2002- Acting Head, Department of Periodontics, UIC .

2012 - present- Professor Emeritus of Periodontics, UIC

Selected Publications

Crawford JM.  Periodontitis and Cardiovascular disease. Disease-a-month. 57(4): 203-205; 2011.

Crawford JM, Briggs CL and Engeland CG. Publication Bias and its Implications for Evidence-based Clinical Decision Making. J. Dent. Educ. 74(6):593-600;2010.

Crawford JM et al. Curriculum restructuring at a North American dental School: rationale for change.J. Dent. Educ. 71:524-531;2007

Koerber A, Peters K, Kaste L, Lopez E, Noorullah K, Torres I and Crawford JM

The views of dentists, nurses and nutritionists on the link between diabetes and periodontal disease: a qualitative study in a latino community. J. Pub. Health Dent. 66:212-215;2006.

Koerber,A.,Crawford JM.and O’Connell,K. The Effects of Teaching Dental Students Brief Motivational Interviewing for Smoking-Cessation Counseling: A Pilot Study.  J. Dent Ed. 67:439-447; 2003

Wettergreen MA, Hunniford JW, Crawford JM and Adami GR. An adenoviral system for tetracycline-regulated TGF-β expression mediates a reversible cell cycle arrest.  Eur. J. Oral. Sci.  109: 1-7;2001

Crawford JM, Schardt GD and Steinberg AD.  Information for patients on dental school websites.  J. Dent. Edu. 64:855-859; 2000.

Crawford JM. Wilton JMA and Richardson P.Neutrophils die in the gingival crevice, periodontal pocket and oral cavity by necrosis and not apoptosis.  J. Periodontol. 71:1121-1129; 2000.

Mukherjee  S, Crawford JM, Tsang, A. and McClear, A.  Day to day variation in unsaturated iron-binding capacity and lactoferrin concentration in unstimulated human parotid saliva. Biol. Trace Element Res. 57:1-8;1997.

Magnusson I, Persson RG, Page RC, DeRouen TA, Crawford JM, Cohen RL, Chambers DA, Alves MEAF and Clark WB.  A multi-center clinical trial of a new chairside test in distinguishing between diseased and healthy periodontal sites. II. Association between site type and test outcome before and after therapy. J. Periodontol. 67:589-596;1996.