Our faculty dentists provide general and specialty care at costs comparable to a private dentist.

By seeing one of our faculty, patients get added convenience and comfort, combined with the highest levels of expertise. Our Faculty Care fees are comparable to those charged by private dentists in the area. Appointment availability may be limited, depending on the type of service.
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Note: this form is only for requesting care in our faculty practice. Our faculty practice is currently accepting new patients and we work with most insurance plans. At this time, our faculty practice is not accepting Medicaid.


See our other dental care options that have other pay options, including Medicaid provided by students and residents at reduced costs. For other appointment requests, see our request appointments page

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This form is only to request dental care from faculty.
For all other requests, 
see our request appointments page  

If you have an urgent need for dental care (swelling, infection, etc.), don't use this form - please call 312.996.8636.