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Presentations by UIC Orthodontics at AAO and AADOCR Annual Meetings 2022

Abstracts Accepted by AAO and AADOCR Annual Meetings 2022

The UIC Department of Orthodontics is delighted to share that all abstracts our residents and faculty had submitted for the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) Annual Meeting 2022 and the AADOCR Annual Meeting 2022 have been accepted for presentation. We will have a significant presence at our Annual Meeting in Miami Beach (May 2022) for the third straight year.

"To have 20 presentations by one residency program at an annual meeting is definitely an achievement we can all be proud of. We have excelled despite the extraordinary situations we had to face in the past year. All credit to the residents and faculty of UIC Orthodontics." said Dr. Veerasathpurush Allareddy, Professor and Department Head, Brodie Craniofacial Endowed Chair of UIC Orthodontics. "I am very grateful to the College Leadership and Office of Research for their support to move forward our research enterprise."

Below are the list of presentations at the AAO and AADOCR Annual Meetings:

Presentations by UIC Orthodontics at the AAO Annual Meeting 2022:

  1. Ma R, Oubaidin M, Elnagar MH, Allareddy V, Lee MK. Neural Network Model to Predict Excess Blood Loss During Orthognathic Surgeries.
  2. Oubaidin M, Sanchez F, Lee MK, Allareddy V. Comparison of Propensity Scores, Instrumental Variables, Multivariable Regression, and Neural Network Models to Assess Outcomes: Implications for Orthodontics Research.
  3. Rozgony A, Allareddy V, Lee MK, Oubaidin M. Development and Validation of a Questionnaire to Identify Facilitators and Barriers to Providing Orthodontic Care to those with Cleft and Craniofacial Anomalies in the State of Illinois.
  4. Taraji S, Callahan N, Miloro M, Lee MK, Allareddy V. Combined Surgical and Orthodontic Treatment of Ameloblastoma: A Systematic Review and Unique Case Report.
  5. Shukla C, Lee MK, Allareddy V. Ectodermal Dysplasia and Orthodontic Treatment: A Systematic Review of Literature.
  6. Lee MK, Allareddy V. Artificial Intelligence in Orthodontics: Is Something Missing?
  7. Zhang S, Oubaidin M, Sanchez F, Allareddy V, Lee MK. Orthognathic Surgery Related Complications: Estimates from the American College of Surgeons National Surgical Quality Improvement Program Data.
  8. Allareddy V, Frazier-Bowers S, Park J, Gilbert G, National Dental PBRN Collaborative Group. Updates from the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network.
  9. Allareddy V. Use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics to Examine Patient Centered Outcomes.
  10. Moon S, Oubaidin M, Lee MK, Gajendrareddy P, Allareddy V. Impact of COVID-19 Induced Closure of Orthodontic Clinic on Clinical Outcomes.
  11. Sanchez F, Ruidan M, Oubaidin M, Elnagar MH, A Unique Non-Surgical Non-extraction Treatment for Skeletal Class III and Anterior Open Bite Malocclusion
  12. Hedger, J, Caplin, J, Galang-Boquiren, M, Alrayyes, S, Nicholas, CL. Longitudinal Analysis of Facial Growth in High BMI Children
  13. Galang-Boquiren MT, Allareddy V, Mungia R, Gilbert G. Dental Sleep Medicine among dental practitioners: Preliminary qualitative findings from the National Dental Practice-Based Research Network
  14. Howard K, Viana G, Monson R, Danielson K, and Galang-Boquiren MT. Hospitalized Covid-19 patients with a history of obstructive sleep apnea
  15. Durbin P, Viana G, Kusnoto B, Allareddy V, Atsawasuwan P. COVID-19 Infection Rate and its Mitigation Strategies in Orthodontic Practices.
  16. Atsawasuwan P, Del Campo D, Del Campo L, Allareddy V, Kadkol S. COVID-19 Infection Rate in Orthodontic Patients at the University of Illinois Chicago.
  17. Desai R, Belavsky B. Treatment of a Unique Class III Open Bite Short Root Anomaly Malocclusion with Clear Aligners.
  18. Elnagar MH, Atici S, Ansari R, Cetin A, Allareddy V, Fully Automated Determination of the Cervical Vertebrae Maturation Stages by Artificial Intelligence.
  19. Yip K, Salazar K, Sanchez F, Kusnoto B, Elnagar MH, Treatment of Maxillary Transverse Deficiency and Midline Deviation with Miniscrew Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion (MARPE): A Case Report.
  20. Homsi, Sanchez F. Vertical and Sagittal Control of Severe Class II Division I Correction – A Case Report.

Presentation by UIC Orthodontics at the AADOCR Annual Meeting 2022:

  1. Farhi, M, Marion, I, Atsawasuwan, P, Nicholas, CL. Validating the forensic dentistry (hu) MANid program in contemporary adults.

Congratulations everyone!