Drs. Craig Sikora and Dr. Virginia Hogsett Win Top ACP Honors

Drs. Craig Sikora and Dr. Virginia Hogsett Win Top ACP Honors

Dr. Craig Sikora, Prosthodontics ’16, Clinical Assistant Professor, Restorative Dentistry, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry, won first place, and Dr. Virginia Hogsett, Prosthodontics ’16, UIC College of Dentistry, won second place, in the
American College of Prosthodontics Education Foundation John J. Sharry Research Competition.

The 2016 Sharry Research Competition was held during the annual session of the American College of Prosthodontists.  Competition is held to stimulate and acknowledge original research in prosthodontics by residents. Individuals submit an abstract of their research. The Sharry Research Award Committee then identifies up to 12 individuals for submission of a complete manuscript for consideration.  From these manuscripts, six finalists are identified to present as part of the final competition at the ACP Annual Session in the fall.

Dr. Sikora won first place for “Wear and Corrosion at the Titanium-Zirconia Implant Abutment Interface.

“With the growing number of implants being placed, I felt we needed a more complete understanding of the interaction between implants and abutments,” Dr. Sikora said. “Previous literature had concluded that zirconia abutments cause increased damage to titanium implants, but these studies did not consider corrosion in their design.

“Our research model was able to incorporate and measure both mechanical and corrosive degradation, and the results create a shift in the way we think about zirconia abutments,” Dr. Sikora added. “We found that when corrosion is considered, zirconia actually outperforms titanium and may lead to improved patient esthetics and prognosis.”

Dr. Hogsett won second place for “Outcomes of Implant-Fixed Complete Dental Prostheses.”

“My research examines complications which occur in full-arch implant-supported restorations, such as all-on-four prostheses, as well as patients' satisfaction with their prosthetic outcome,” Dr. Hogsett said. “Knowledge of the incidence and nature of complications allows clinicians to provide better treatment planning, education, and informed consent, and thereby increases patient satisfaction with the final outcome.”

Dr. Hogsett noted that “The John Sharry competition is a well-known and prestigious competition in prosthodontics. Being one of six finalists and the second place winner was a personal validation of time well-spent completing my masters' degree while at UIC.

“However, just as special, if not more so, was the opportunity to be one of three finalists representing UIC,” she added. “I was immensely proud of the opportunity to be part of such a strong representation of the UIC Advanced Prosthodontics Program, and for the opportunity to demonstrate all of the time that both my mentors and I invested in this project.”

These awards continue the Department of Restorative Dentistry’s record of success in this competition. In 2014, Dr. Aram Kim, MS Prosthodontics ’14, won first place, and in 2015, Dr. Amy Au, resident, won second place in the Sharry Competition.

Mentors to Drs. Sikora and Hogsett include Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Dr. Kent Knoernschild, Dr. Judy Yuan, Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Mathew, Dr. Maria Alfaro, and Dr. Stephen Campbell.

“The College of Dentistry and the Department of Restorative Dentistry have established a culture of clinical scholars,” Dr. Sikora said. “My project alone was presented in four national competitions, each time receiving top awards. Dr. Campbell and Dr. Konernchild have created an environment that allows residents to thrive, and the numerous achievements substantiate UIC as a premier institution on a national level.”

Photo: Left to right, Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Dr. Kent Knoernschild, Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Dr. Maria Alfaro, Dr. Craig Sikora, Dr. Virginia Hogsett, Dr. Alec Zurek, Dr. Judy Yuan, Dr. Bin Yang, and Dr. Stephen Campbell at the ACP Annual Session, where Dr. Sikora and Dr. Hogsett where honored.