Dean’s Council Members Enjoy Boat Tour

Dean’s Council Members Enjoy Boat Tour


The College of Dentistry on Oct. 1 sponsored a Chicago River-based Chicago Architecture Foundation (CAF) Tour of the Chicago skyline and a reception on the riverbank for members of the UIC Dean’s Council.

Members of the Dean’s Council are those who have contributed $1,000 or more to the College.

“The day was beautiful and we had more than 70 Dean’s Council members attend this wonderful event,” said Dean Clark Stanford.

The tour explored “some incredible Chicago history along the river,” said Dr. Manal Ibrahim, ’93, Prosthodontics ’96, who attended with her husband, Dr. Anthony LaVacca. “We had a wonderful time and the weather cooperated with us.”

“My wife, Alisa, and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves that afternoon,” said Dr. Paul Burkey, Loyola ’83, MS Ortho University of Iowa ’85. “The CAF guide was very knowledgeable and informative. We have cruised on different architectural river tours, but this was our favorite trip yet.”

“There were many alumni and others on the cruise, and we got to spend a lot of time socializing and enjoying new friends,” Dr. Ibrahim said. “There was a reception along the river immediately following the cruise, and most of the alumni stayed and enjoyed some more time together. I love this aspect of being connected to the UIC College of Dentistry.”

Dr. Burkey enjoyed the social aspect, too. He noted that as a Loyola alumnus, “it has been awesome to be so warmly received by UIC. As a dental ‘orphan’ following the closure of Loyola, it is great to be adopted into the UIC family.”

That family camaraderie is one reason, Dr. Ibrahim said, “why it is so important to show financial support for the College. As an alumna, it’s a small way of giving back for the incredible personal and professional experiences we all gained during our time in dental school.”

“I think it is very important for us who have had the privilege of receiving a dental education to be supportive of the great things that are occurring on Paulina Street,” Dr. Burkey concluded. “Staying involved by contributing, time, knowledge and resources allows the next generation of dentists to benefit as we have.” 

The previous year, the College sponsored a Dean’s Council tour of the Art Institute of Chicago. Other cultural activities for Dean’s Council members are being considered for the future.

For more information on how you can become a Dean’s Council member, contact Ana Lisa Ogbac at or (312) 996-0485.

Caption: Participants in the Chicago Architecture Foundation Tour.