Flavio José Castelli Sanchez, DDS, MS
801 S. Paulina Street
  • Flavio José Castelli
  • Sanchez
  • DDS, MS
  • Adjunct Lecturer Professor

Biographic Summary

Dr. Flavio José Castelli Sanchez obtained his Orthodontic Certificate in 1993 from the Association of Dental Surgeons of Sao Paulo and master degree in oral sciences focused in orthodontics in 2003 from SL Mandic dental School – Campinas, Brazil. Dr. Sanchez has been teaching the Bio progressive philosophy since 2004, starting the Ortho Program at the Dental Surgeon’s Association in the city of Campinas - SP., where he has his private practice.

In 2006 joined the Specialization Ortho Program at Sao Leopoldo Mandic University as a full time faculty on the Bio progressive program where he is still teaching and conducting researches based on sectional mechanics associated with different growth patterns. He is also involved as adjunct lecturer at the Department of Orthodontics at the University of Illinois at Chicago since 2010.  Dr. Sanchez has become a full time faculty at UIC since August 2017.

Scholarly Interests

Bio progressive philosophy, sectional mechanics associated with different growth patterns.