Dr. Kent L. Knoernschild 2011 ACP Educator of the Year

Dr. Knoernschild
Dr. Kent L. Knoernschild 2011 ACP Educator of the Year
Posted on /2/11/12/3

The American College of Prosthodontists has awarded the 2011 ACP Educator of the Year Award to Dr. Kent L. Knoernschild for his outstanding contributions to the welfare and advancement of the College and/or Specialty of Prosthodontics, overall achievement of dentistry and contributions to the sciences and health professions.

Dr. Knoernschild is Program Director for the Advanced Specialty Education Program in Prosthodontics and Co-Director of the Implant and Innovations Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He also holds a private practice limited to prosthodontics. Dr. Knoernschild is the new Director for the American Board of Prosthodontics and was recently elected Vice-Chair of the ADA Commission on Dental Accreditation. He has lectured internationally on comprehensive therapy for patients based on best evidence. Dr. Knoernschild has also given over 100 invited presentations nationally and internationally, authored over 50 publications, and received more than 25 research grants supporting clinical and laboratory research.

Prosthodontists are among the most highly trained dentists in the world. Their training requires three additional years beyond a dental degree. These specialists provide implants, dentures, crowns and caps, partial dentures, bridges, tooth whitening and veneers. Prosthodontists also are known for full mouth reconstruction, some of the most complex and challenging cases.

The ACP is the only prosthodontic specialty organization whose membership is based solely on education credentials. ACP members must be in or have completed an ADA-accredited advanced education program in prosthodontics.