Fatemah Afshari, DMD, MS

Clinical Associate Professor

UICollaboratory Profile

Education & Career

  • Northwestern University, BS, 2002
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine, DMD, 2006
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, MS and Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics, 2009
  • Astra Tech Fellow under the mentorship of Dr. Kent L Knoernschild, 2009-2011

Scholarly Interests

  • Dental Education
  • Clinical Outcomes Research involving Recall Systems


Afshari FS, Knoernschild KL. Program Director Perceived Factors for an Enhanced Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontic Recall System. J Prosthodont 2011 Oct;20(7): 593-600.

Afshari FS, Knoernschild KL. Student Perceived Factors for an Enhanced Advanced Education Program in Prosthodontics Recall System. J Prosthodont 2011 Jul;20(5): 402-7.

Afshari FS, Koslow AH, Knoernschild KL, Sukotjo C. Patient recall in Advanced Education in Prosthodontics Programs in the United States. J Prosthodont 2010 Jun;19(4):315-20.

Afshari FS, Ptak K, Khaliq ZM, Grieco TM, Slater NT, McCrimmon DR, Raman IM (2004). Resurgent Na currents in four classes of neurons of the cerebellum. J Neurophysiol 92(5):2831-43.

Grieco TM, Afshari FS, Raman IM (2002). A role for phosphorylation in the maintenance of resurgent sodium current in cerebellar Purkinje neurons. J Neurosci 22:3100-3107.

•	Fatemah Afshari