Ales Obrez, DMD, PhD

Associate Professor
UICollaboratory Profile

Education & Career

  • University of Ljubljana Medical School, Faculty of Stomatology (Republic of Slovenia), DMD, 1981
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, postgraduate training in Prosthodontics, 1985
  • University of Illinois at Chicago, PhD, 1992
  • Member, American College of Prosthodontics, International and American Association of Dental Research (AADR), American Dental Education Association, and the American Association of the University Teachers of Orofacial Pain
  • President, AADR Neuroscience Research Group, 2002-2003

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Obrez' clinical and research interest in physiology and pathophysiology of the masticatory system is reflected in his specialized patient care, research, numerous national and international presentations and publications, mentoring of student research, and in his teaching of the undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education courses focused on Prosthodontics, Dental Occlusion, and Temporomandibular Disorders.


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Ales Obrez; Charlotte Briggs; James Buckman; Loren Goldstein; Courtney Lamb; William G. Knight. Teaching clinically relevant dental anatomy in the dental curriculum: Description and assessment of an innovative module. Journal of Dental Education. 2011;75(6):797-804.

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Neal D. Kravitz; Budi Kusnoto; Ellen BeGole; Ales Obrez; Brent Agran. How well does Invisalign work? A prospective clinical study evaluating the efficacy of tooth movement with Invisalign. American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. 2009;135(1):27-35.

Ales Obrez; Damian J. Lee; Anna Organ-Boshes; Judy Chia-Chun Yuan; G. William Knight. A clinically oriented complete denture program for second-year dental students. Journal of Dental Education. 2009;73(10):1194-1201.