Research Mentorship

Dr. Xianghong Luan, Recipient of the 2013 UIC COD Mentor of the Year Award surrounded by former UIC College of Dentistry Dean Bruce Graham (left) and former UIC College of Dentistry Associate Dean for Research Philipp Marucha (right, next to Dr. Luan).   


Dr. Luan with DMD/Ph.D. student Marybeth Francis.   


Dr. Luan with Orthodontics student (now faculty member) Phimon Atsawasuwan.   Phimon completed his Orthodontics Masters work in the Brodie Lab.


Dr. Luan with some of her trainees, including Orthodontics Visiting Scholar Yelin Mao, Ph.D. student Xuanyu Lu, and Visiting Scholar Thaisangela Rodriguez (from left to right, the second person in the picture is Dr. Chen, Dr. Atsawasuwan's postdoc). 


Dr. Luan proudly joins her first Ph.D. student, Xuanyu Lu, during his 2014 graduation.   


Dr. Luan with Ph.D. student Xuanyu Lu (left) and Orthodontics Visiting Scholar Xiulin Yan (right) during the 2013 UIC Clinic and Research Day.