Lab Members




Dr. Diekwisch

Thomas Diekwisch, DMD, Ph.D., Ph.D.  is the lab director.  He has accepted a position as Professor and Chair, Baylor College of Dentistry Department of Periodontics, and Director of the Center for Craniofacial Research and Diagnosis in Dallas/TX. Please click on the link for further information about Dr. Diekwisch.  

 Dr. Luan

Xianghong Luan, MD is the co-director of the Brodie Lab.  Please click on the link for further information about Dr. Luan.

Dr. Gopinath

Gokul Gopinathan, Ph.D.  Gokul has been a postdoctoral fellow in the Brodie lab since 2010.  He is currently working on questions related to effect of histone modifications and chromatin factors in development and differentiation.  Gokul's first paper from the lab was published in Stem Cells and Development.  In this paper he demonstrated the effect of histone modifications on odontogenic neural crest lineage specification.  Based on this work, he was selected as a Chicago Biomedical Consortium Data Blitz presenter in 2012.   


Dr. Lu

Xuanyu Lu, DDS, Ph.D.  Xuanyu became Dr. Luan's first Ph.D. student (2009) after he graduated with a DDS from Jilin University in Changchun, China.  When he defended his thesis in 2013 (picture), Xuanyu had published five papers on ameloblastin function as an extracellular matrix protein (Atsawasuwan et al. 2013a,b; Lu et al. 2013; Lu et al. 2011, Zhang et al. 2011).  He is currently completing postdoctoral studies related to ameloblastin function. 


Hui Liu, Ph.D.  Hui is a Visiting Scholar in the Brodie Lab from the Department of Anatomy at Jilin University.  She is working on multiple projects, including projects related to enamel development. 


Dr. Francis

Marybeth Francis.  Marybeth is a DMD / PhD Student in the Brodie Lab working under the tutelage of Dr. Xianghong Luan.  Marybeth has completed her first two years of the program and is currently supported by a Ruth F. Kirschstein F30 fellowship.  Marybeth is working on projects related to diabetes and inflammation. 


Joseph Powers.  Joe Powers is a DMD summer student in the Brodie Lab.  He is currently working on questions related to tooth movement and tooth eruption.