Antonia Kolokythas, DDS, MS

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Dr. Kolokythas is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon with fellowship training in oral /head and neck oncology and reconstruction. Her clinical and research interests focus on oral cancer and specifically early detection that significantly impacts on survival. For the last 3 years under Dr. Adami's guidance and in collaboration with Dr. Schwartz, her research has focused on gene expression analysis in oral squamous cell carcinoma in high risk population using RNA from brush cytology. It is her main interest to improve detection of early cancers and high risk oral pre-malignant lesions and employ non-invasive methods to study gene expression changes associated with these lesions. This will allow for early detection and intervention and can be used for surveillance without need for invasive procedures. Her scope of practice is quite unique as it is almost exclusively dedicated to treatment of oral pathology and oral /head and neck cancer. She is part of the multidisciplinary head and neck cancer clinic (the first multidisciplinary cancer clinic established at the UIC Cancer Center) and she treats patients using state of the art techniques that include immediate reconstruction of post ablative defects using virtual planning and medical modeling with and without free flap transfer. She is co-investigator in several funded research projects at the UIC COD as well as several ongoing clinical trials at the Cancer Center. She has established and is maintaining the "UIC College of Dentistry Tissue Depository" which is the first ever established tissue bank with fresh frozen tissue samples available exclusively to the researchers at the COD. The tissue bank is a vital component for the support and advancement of the "Center of Molecular Biology and Oral Diseases" as well as all researchers at the COD that need immediate access to high quality tissue to advance their research projects.


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Dr. Kolokythas


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