Satish Alapati, PhD, DDS

Assistant Professor
Director of Pre-Doctoral Clinic Operations
Managing Partner Consultant
UICollaboratory Profile

Research Interests

Dr. Alapati researches therapeutic applications for regenerative endodontic treatment/root canal therapy utilizing mesenchymal stem cells derived from dental pulp tissue. His laboratory focuses on the development of a novel treatment to regenerate pulp-dentin complex tissue in diseased immature teeth using a stem cell based tissue-engineering approach.


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Lee RS, Alapati SB, Johnson BR. Separation Anxiety: Gates-Glidden Drills Can Be Hazardous to Your Health. J Endod. 2011 Oct;37(10):1470-2

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Zimmerman B, Datko L, Cupelli M, Alapati SB, Dean D, Kennedy M. Alteration of dentin-enamel mechanical properties due to dental whitening treatments. J Mech Behav Biomed Mater. 2010; 3:339-46.

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Dr. Alapati

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