Qian Xie, DDS, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Co-Director of the Preclinical Course

UICollaboratory Profile

Scholarly Interests

Dr. Xie researches endodontic irrigants and microbiology.


Qian Xie; Bradford R. Johnson; Christopher S. Wenckus; Mohamed I. Fayad; Christine D. Wu. Efficacy of berberine, an antimicrobial plant alkaloid, as an endodontic irrigant against a mixed-culture biofilm in an in vitro tooth model. Journal of Endodontics. 2012;38(8):1114-1117.

S. Pavan; Q. Xie; A.T. Hara; A.K. Bedran-Russo. Biomimetic approach for root caries prevention using a proanthocyanidin- rich agent. Caries Research. 2011;45(5):443-447.

Qian Xie; Ana Karina Bedran-Russo; Christine D. Wu. In vitro remineralization effects of grape seed extract on artificial root caries. Journal of Dentistry. 2008;36(11):900-906.