Department Head & Directors

Bradford R. Johnson, Department Head and Postdoctoral Director
Qian Xie, Director of Pre-Doctoral Clinic Operations and Managing Partner Consultant
Mohamed I. Fayad, Director of Endodontic Research

Associate Professors

Mark C. Baker BS, DDS

James Kevin Bahcall, BS, DMD, MS, FICD, FACD
Mohamed I. Fayad DDS, MS, PhD
Bradford R. Johnson, DDS, MHPE
Charles Neach, DDS, MS
Christopher S. Wenckus BA, BS, DDS

Assistant Professors

Satish Alapati, BDS, MS, PhD

Agnieszka Chruszczyk, BDS,DDS

Xiaoxian Meng, DMD, PhD, MPH
Robert W. Hawkinson, Jr., DDS, MS
Ronald Milnarik, BSD, DDS, MA, MS
Nermeen Moussa, DDS, MS
Michael J. Mintz, DDS
Martin Rogers, DDS
Stephen Weeks, BA, BS, DDS
Qian Xie, DDS, PhD



Additional Volunteer Faculty

Dr. Hong Joo Chon, MS, DDS
Dr. Patrick I. Fitzgerald, DDS
Dr. Michael S. Gideon, DDS

Dr. Brett E. Gilbert, DDS

Dr. Donald Miller, DDS
Dr. William J. Nudera, DDS, MS

Dr. Cristina T. Olarov, DDS

Dr. Richard J. Pasiewicz, DDS

Dr. Mary Roman, BDS, DDS
Dr. Jeffery T. Walker, DDS, MS
Dr. Richard A. Munaretto, DDS

Support Staff

Blanca E. Sanchez, Assistant to the Head
Mary Hummons, Dental Assistant
Maggie Piekarczyk, Dental Assistant
Rejeta Saunders, Dental Assistant
Jessica Martinez, Fiscal Clerk