Continuing Education

Advanced Postgraduate Endodontic Technique

Each year, the Department of Endodontics accepts two licensed dentists (U.S. or internationally trained) into the first course offered in its two-year Endodontic Residency program. This is a three week course in endodontic technique and is offered during the month of August. The course includes seminar and technique lab and covers many cleansing and shaping techniques, filling techniques, perforation repair techniques, and instrument retrieval techniques as well as familiarization with the dental operating microscope. ALL accepted participants are expected to read and be familiar with the literature assigned as well as collecting a set of suitable natural human teeth for spending time working independently in the lab to perfect the various techniques covered in the seminar sessions. Continuing Education (CE) credit equivalent to 30 lecture hours and 60 participation hours will be awarded.


$5,000 (A $500 deposit is due at the time of registration; remaining balance is due by July 1st.)


Living arrangements are the responsibility of the applicant. Please visit UIC's housing website for a list of nearby accommodations.


***The 2016 Advanced Postgradaute Endodontic Technique course will not be offered this year***


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