UIC College of Dentistry
DMD Classes and Clinics Begin

DMD and DMD-AS classes and clinics begin April 30, 2018.


DMD, DMD-AS Academic Calendar


Academic Year 2017-18

Summer Term 2017

May 1st: COD Classes and Clinics Begin

May 29th: Memorial Day No Classes

July 3-7th: Summer Term Break

August 18th: COD Summer Term Ends


Fall Term 2017

August 14th: D1 Classes and Clinics Begin

August 28th: All Non-D1 Students Begin Classes

September 4th: Labor Day No Classes

November 20-24th: Fall Term Break

December 15th: COD Fall Term Ends


Spring Term 2018

January 2nd: COD Classes and Clinics Begin

January 15th: Martin Luther King Jr. Day No Classes

March 12-16th: Spring Term Break

April 20th: Spring Term Ends


Summer Term 2018

April 30th: COD Classes and Clinics Begin

May 28th: Memorial Day No Classes

July 2-6th: Summer Term Break

August 17th: Summer Term Ends


Fall Term 2018

August 20th: D1 Orientation Begins

August 27th: D1 Classes Begin 

September 3rd: Labor Day No Classes

September 4th: All Non-D1s Begin

November 19-23rd: Fall Term Break

December 21st: Fall Term Ends


Student Life & Resources

Students choose UIC College of Dentistry not just because we offer a world-class oral health education continuously improved by innovation and led by expert faculty and staff - in the heart of the great city of Chicago  - but also because our student experience is so enriching.



April 30, 2018
9:00 AM - 9:00 AM

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