March 19, 2019
UIC DMD Advanced Standing Foreign Trained Dentist Program
Now that you have chosen to become a licensed dentist in the United States, it’s important that you prepare a competitive application. US dental schools are extremely demanding academically, and the applicant pool is more competitive than ever. Here are some tips from our admissions team to prepare a competitive application.
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March 18, 2019
2019 Clinic & Research Day is the College’s Most Innovative and Interprofessional Yet
Digital innovation, multi-center, multidisciplinary collaboration and novel approaches connecting basic lab science with clinical treatment were the themes in this year’s 32nd annual Clinic and Research Day.
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March 15, 2019
Dr. Sath Allareddy, Head of UIC Department of Orthodontics
Dr. Sath Allareddy elected to serve on the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation Planning and Awards Review Committee
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March 14, 2019
UIC Orthodontic Faculty and Resident Winning Awards in AAOF 2019
UIC Orthodontic Faculty and Resident Winning Awards in AAOF 2019
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March 5, 2019
Most Common Questions from Foreign Trained Dentists About the DMD-AS
We get a lot of questions from foreign trained dentist applicants about the DMD-AS. Here are the top four most commonly asked questions, and their answers.
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February 27, 2019
Orthodontic Residents Sharing Research Achievement at UIC COD Clinic and Research Day
Congratulations to all the participants in the UIC College of Dentistry 32nd Clinic and Research Day!
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February 6, 2019
Alumni Leading Organized Dentistry Associations
Organized dentistry is one central way to provide governance to public health, promote the art and science of dentistry, and stay involved with colleagues. Check out how many of our graduates are leading in the American Dental Association, the Illinois State Dental Society, and the Chicago Dental Society,
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February 5, 2019
Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, '83
The bonds and bridges built are critical to our personal and professional success. For Dr. Susan Becker Doroshow, ‘83, the newest Board of Trustee for the American Dental Association, creating bonds and bridges has had some very profound effects on herself and the world around her.
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February 1, 2019
Roadmap to US Dental School for Foreign Trained Dentists
There has never been a better time to be a dentist in the United States. And, with this comes increasing opportunities for foreign trained dentists to earn a license to practice in the US. Here are the general steps that foreign trained dentists should follow to obtain a license to practice as a general dentist in the US. 
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January 30, 2019
Five Signs That You May Have Gum Disease
Gum disease is often without noticeable symptoms, making it hard to know if you really have it. But there are some warning signs you can look for. Paying attention to these signs, along with proper oral hygiene and regularly consulting your dentist is a healthy strategy for avoiding gum disease.
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