• June 7, 2016
UIC College of Dentistry Resident and Students Take Three of Six ACP Awards

Out of 129 presentations at the recent American College of Prosthodontists Annual Session in Orlando, FL, University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry representatives took three of the six awards.

Dr. Craig Sikora (right), winner of the ACP Resident Competition, with Dr. Caroline T. Nguyen, ACP Poster Session Chair.

In the table clinic competition, third-year prosthodontic resident Dr. Craig Sikora took first place. The title of his project is “Wear and Corrosion at the Titanium-Zirconia Implant Abutment Interface.”

“My project garnered a great deal of attention because it ushers in a new school of thought towards abutment materials,” Dr. Sikora said. “We used an innovative way of testing materials, which incorporates electrochemical effects into the equation. The results challenge the current opinions and shed light on the importance of corrosion in implant dentistry.”

In the future, Dr. Sikora hopes “to be able to work in private practice while maintaining a role in dental education,” he said. “In particular, I have gained a great deal from my mentors in the Prosthodontics Department, so I would like to be able to give back to the field in a similar way.”

He thanked his mentors and research team in the Department of Restorative Dentistry, Dr. Maria Alfaro-Coto, Assistant Director of Digital Oral Health Science and Technology; Dr. Aristotelis Marinis, Clinical Assistant Professor; Dr. Mathew T. Mathew, Visiting Associate Professor; Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Assistant Professor; and Dr. Judy Yuan, Assistant Professor.

D-4 Jeri McCombs finished second in the dental student poster section for her project, “Utilizing Digital Workflow to Restore Single Tooth Implants in a Pre-Doctoral Setting.”

Uvoh Onoriobe and Jeri McCombs, who won prizes in the ACP Dental Student Poster Section Competition.

The poster was based on the case of the first implant restored with CAD-CAM technology in a predoctoral clinic in the College.

“Along with the Prosthodontics faculty, we’re aiming to create a digital workflow on how to restore single tooth implants with CAD-CAM technology, blending together the implant program’s curriculum with the digital dentistry program,” McCombs said, noting she hopes to create “a streamlined layout for future students to use for a new, more time-efficient, esthetic way to restore implants.”

She will attend the General Practice Residency program at Advocate Illinois Masonic after graduation.

McCombs thanked the faculty who mentored her on the project, particularly Dr. Alfaro-Coto; Dr. Fatemeh Afshari, Clinical Associate Professor; Dr. Sukotjo; Dr. Yuan.

Uvoh Onoriobe, DMDAS-2, finished third in the dental student poster section for his project. “Assessing the Impact of Limiting Adult Dental Medicaid Benefits on Prosthodontic Procedures Completed at the UIC College of Dentistry Predoctoral Clinic.”

“Results from this research will help policy makers in decision making on health coverage for the citizenry,” Onoriobe said. “Specifically, the decision to eliminate health coverage should be based on the possible effects on the vulnerable population.”

Onoriobe plans on training in Advanced Prosthodontics. “My long-term plans are to influence the policy and practice of restorative dentistry on national and global levels through research activities and outreach programs,” he said.

He thanked his mentors from the Department of Restorative Dentistry Dr. Afshari; Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head; Dr. Sukotjo; and Dr. Yuan; and Dr. Linda Kaste, Associate Professor, Pediatric Dentistry; and Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. 

“This all occurs because of a caring faculty that provides the critical mentorship that makes a difference, as well as the vision we share to transform dental education and practice,” said Dr. Stephen Campbell, Head, Department of Restorative Dentistry.

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