• July 17, 2020
Installation of high performance filtration and bipolar ionization systems

July 16th 2020

With guidance from University Engineers and colleagues at the College of Engineering, the UIC College of Dentistry is installing two systems to assure healthy air quality in the building.  First, high performance filtration throughout the building and second, bipolar ionization.  For the ionization system, the College has purchased and installed over fifty devices attached to the ventilation boxes in the ceilings of the dental clinics this week. The engineering technology provides viral risk mitigation by killing pathogens, including SARS-COV-2, and improve air quality using innovative Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization.




The high performance HEPA filters will be installed in the College’s Air Handling Units next week as an additional engineering control.

To find out how Ionization works, click on the link below:



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