• December 11, 2018
Jordan Franklin UIC College of Dentistry


The Arcolian Dental Arts Society, a social and educational organization predominantly composed of member dentists of Italian heritage, presented D-2 Jordan Franklin with a $2,500 scholarship at its annual Christmas Party at the Park Ridge Country Club on Dec. 11.

Dr. Rosella Spadoni-French, a 1984 Loyola School of Dentistry alumna, conferred the check to Franklin.

“The scholarship means so much to me because I have felt so extremely welcomed by all the members—all of whom readily share their knowledge and support with me whenever they can,” Franklin said. “This scholarship, to me, means so much more than the money—it means building a closer relationship with an organization that has so kindly welcomed me with open arms ever since I attended my first meeting as a prospective dental student.”

He noted that the scholarship will relieve both monetary obligations and stress, as he was just about to take the National Board Dental Examination.

“The Arcolians perform an immense amount of charity throughout the year through fundraising and giving the money they raised back to their communities and individuals within,” Franklin said. “I honestly feel so humbled to be in the presence of a group that gives back and wishes for nothing but the best for all individuals within the dental profession.”

Although the Arcolians do not have a membership as large as some other dental groups, “sometimes the smallest societies perform the most genuine and heartfelt acts within their communities, as they truly feel a sense of family amongst each other,” Franklin said.

“I also believe that it is very important to never allow your heritage to be lost,” he added. “The Arcolians are a group that has a strong focus on staying connected with Italian traditions and takes pride in everything that those with Italian ancestry have been able to achieve within the fields of oral health and dentistry.”

Also at the event, Dr. Geri Ann Di Franco, Loyola ‘85, was named Arcolian of the Year.

In November, the society sponsored a lunch-and-learn event at the College. Dr. Mary T. Lima, a 2017 alumna of the University of Iowa, spoke about her transition from dental school to dental practice and gave UIC College of Dentistry students valuable tips. She was accompanied by Dr. Frank Maggio, Loyola ’71, UIC Periodontics ’75, Clinical Assistant Professor, Periodontics, and an active member of the Arcolians.

For more information, contact Dr. Maggio at maggiof@icloud.com or (847) 312-3752.

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