• February 1, 2018
Jerry Thomas, UIC College of Dentistry

Jerry Thomas has been promoted to Superintendent of the College of Dentistry Building.

“Jerry has been a dedicated staff member since he began working at the College of Dentistry in 1989 as an equipment service worker,” said Dr. Susan Rowan, Associate Dean for Clinical Affairs. “He advanced to Equipment Specialist Supervisor III, and in 2015, was promoted to the position of Assistant Superintendent of building maintenance.”

As Building Superintendent, Thomas’s responsibilities include maintaining equipment, troubleshooting, and managing inventory and budgets for the facilities of the building. He also facilitates construction projects at the College, and has been instrumental in managing the building during the HVAC infrastructure work.

Thomas has taken courses with KaVo Kerr manufacturers, achieving certifications in both dental and radiology equipment.

“He also supervises our exceptionally hard working dental equipment specialists, who have the expertise to assure continuation of patient care operations,” Dr. Rowan said.

Thomas also is a recipient of the Sparky Award, “a testament to his dedication and service to the College community,” Dr. Rowan said.

“I’m very grateful to Dr. Rowan and Dean Clark Stanford for this promotion,” Thomas said, noting that he also is grateful to the members of the physical plant crew reporting to him for their work and expertise.

As Thomas’s supervisor, Dr. Rowan “has been extremely supportive,” he said.

“HVAC is a bigger project than I realized and we’re continually working out the kinks, but things are going well,” Thomas explained. “We’re on schedule, the contractors and their crews are good, and everyone at the College has been understanding and helpful, even when they have to move from their offices, labs, and clinics.”

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