• December 12, 2019
Dr. Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren

Congratulations to Dr. Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren for being awarded the Teaching Recognition Program (TRP) award! Dr. Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren was one of the few awardees selected for the University of Illinois at Chicago 2019-2020 Teaching Recognition Program. This program, sponsored by the Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs recognizes the teaching excellence of faculty at any of UIC’s teaching sites. This is a peer-reviewed process which carefully selects professors who exemplify the high quality of instruction that characterizes the best of UIC. Dr. Galang-Boquiren is deeply honored to have been chosen for this award a second time, the first was in 2011.

Dr. Galang-Boquiren will be recognized at an award ceremony at the 2020 Faculty Award Reception in fall of 2020. We are thankful to Dr. Galang-Boquiren for her outstanding teaching contributions at UIC.

Dr. Maria Therese Galang-Boquiren, Associate Professor of Orthodontics at the Department of Orthodontics, and Director of Predoctoral Orthodontics, has been dedicated in education and research at UIC since 2009. More information about Dr. Galang-Boquiren can be found at https://dentistry.uic.edu/maria-therese-galang-boquiren.

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