• March 30, 2017
UIC College of Dentistry Joan Davis

Dr. Joan M. Davis, an Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences and a Professor at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Dental Hygiene, has been chosen the recipient of the American Dental Education Association/ADEAGeis Foundation Fellowship for 2017.

The fellowship is designed to familiarize dental educators with issues facing dental education.

“The education fellowship gives me the opportunity to work for a total of three months in the Washington, DC, headquarters of ADEA gaining hands-on experience in the operations and missions of ADEA,” Dr. Davis said.

“As a Fellow, I plan to work with the ADEA Policy Center staff in the planning, development, and possibly implementation of international collaborative activities,” she noted.

Dr. Davis received the award during the ADEA Annual Meeting in Long Beach, CA, in March.

She is working with both ADEA and the Association for Dental Education in Europe as a rapporteur, an individual appointed by an organization to report on proceedings of meetings, in preparation for the upcoming joint meeting between the two organizations, entitled Shaping the Future of Dental Education to be held Monday and Tuesday, May 8 and 9, in London.

Dr. Davis also teaches at Southern Illinois University and specializes in tobacco dependence education, and she developed a website offering a comprehensive tobacco treatment curriculum for oral healthcare faculty. The website is at www.tobaccofree.siu.edu.

Only one fellowship is awarded per year. The last College faculty member to receive it was Dr. Cortino Sukotjo, Associate Professor, Restorative Dentistry, in 2013. 

Photo: Dr. Joan M. Davis, left, with Dr. Anne Koerber. Both are faculty members in the Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Sciences at the University of  Illlinois at Chicago College of Dentistry.

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