• May 13, 2019
Dr. Jennifer Caplin, Assistant Professor of Orthodontics, UIC Department of Orthodontics

Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Caplin who was elected as “Editor” of the American Association of Orthodontists Society of Educators. 

Recently, Dr. Caplin was also awarded the Golden Ligature award by the graduating residents for her contributions to orthodontic education at UIC.

Dr. Caplin joined our faculty as Assistant Professor in 2016.  She received a BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a DMD from the University of Pennsylvania, and an MS in Oral Sciences and a specialty certificate in Orthodontics from UIC. She is passionate in orthodontic research and teaching. Dr Caplin has taught classes at the University of Pennsylvania and at MIT.  She has also volunteered abroad, providing dental care in China, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama.  

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